Martha was cumbered about with much serving. Distracted she was away from Jesus words. She had found serving the physical needs of the Savior a more important thing than simply receiving His discourse. Mary was contented to sit at Jesus feet. Luke 10:40-41

Two value systems display themselves here:

  • One, the magnification of external impositions;
  • but two, the priority of internal peace.

The believer in Christ must maintain peace within and peace serves as a buffer against the forced authority of outside levying or intrusion.

Sadly, folks divide their soul by entertaining the pressures.

A person with a divided heart is a person with misplaced priorities. “Priority” is a person’s hierarchy of values within himself. The divided man has esteemed certain troublesome things above the high priority of a unified soul so he sacrifices his harmonious soul which consists of:

  1. a mind kept in it’s executive position — with emotion following;
  2. will functioning freely — with a conscience quieted by grace,
  3. God-consciousness alive — with self-consciousness crucified.
  4. emotions responding joyfully to God’s Word — with all anxieties and cares committed to the Father’s handling.

We cannot emphasize enough the extreme vital-ness of a harmonious self. If it takes a lifetime of effort to accomplish this, it is worth every bit of it.

To have a sound mind requires an operation of God’s Spirit. Since the unconscious mind fills up 90% of the mind, it needs attention. A thorough cleansing, including a complete crucifixion of everything Adam, does the job — but only through the Holy Spirit’s applying the precious Blood of Christ to it. A “defiled” mind and heart kills harmonious thinking when raw unconscious reflection constantly pushes of itself into our conscious mind. This lifts our “old Adamic Nature and Adamic history” into consciousness and excludes the New Man. We must be renewed in the spirit of our mind. Ephesians 4:22 Through daily filling of the Holy Spirit in Ephesians 5:18 we live in the freedom from unconscious reflections.

Emotions can be at peace by co-operating with the harmonious and restful soul. The Spirit will bring in thoughts of peace Jeremiah 29:11 and promise of hope. Emotions need only return to their proper function of appreciating and enjoying the truth in the mind.

The conscience, also built prior by Adamic scruple, needs a thorough cleansing. Dead works reside in the old one, ( dead because of having been fabricated of my best powers of observation, but without a revelation of Christ’s finished work at Calvary.) My conscience excuses or accuses me, but gives no relief once having functioned. I must have the answer to a good conscience or my faith fails. That answer is unconditional love displayed at a bloody cross, and applied directly to the conscience.

The soul, freed up to function will support the will’s operation. A soul functioning in liberty, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, becomes a free-will operation. In the filling of the Spirit we make our decisions, un-coerced and un-badgered by a bad conscience, unmanipulated by cultural mores fabricated by Adam’s best ideas, undeceived by any thing which, “exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ.

Finally, the result of “exercising ourselves” unto godliness is God-consciousness, which kills self-consciousness, our brutal enemy.

Friends, we are living in perilous times, and all of the unconscious mind’s evil intents are manifesting themselves a daily diet of hell’s depths. Our victory is in our non-participation with that mind but on-purpose, thinking the thoughts of God.

How? Neglect receiving that brand of thinking into your harmonized soul. Avoid it. Resist the urge to by immersed in it. Ignore the big mouthed fear impositions from within and without and receive the thought of God’s Spirit. Practice it till you can do it easily.

Lastly, sit at Jesus feet. Don’t cumber your self with much serving. If you feel like you are being irresponsible, ignore that feeling too.

God waits to be gracious to you. Love ya


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  1. Leah said:

    Wow, Pastor Tom… this is absolutely, breathtakingly profound♥️

    July 20, 2020
    • pt s said:

      thanks Leah

      July 20, 2020

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