Complete in Him

Josh and Matt

My inward me exists truly a kingdom.

The ultimate happens when the total of what I know about God’s nature and His redemption becomes self- governing in there.

A “perspective of the highest”  saturates all of my faculties; perception, understanding, wisdom, feelings and senses.

It can overcome the worldly kingdoms

Explain more?  See, the eternal building blocks of my little realm under God, supersede anything the temporal realm can throw at it.

In a sense, when I invest heaven into my heart of hearts, I become a heaven’s kingdom representative on earth.

When God Himself saturates our mind (with unconscious, subconscious and conscious parts), and our will, emotions, conscience and self consciousness; our whole programmed computer gains a ministry of simply sharing its wealth


What does this person/kingdom look like? This person has discovered effectiveness.

In other words they realize they have the ability to have an important impact in the healing of another because of God in them.

  1. This person has become a self-determined individual under the authority of God-determination,
  2. This person has learned how to apply eternal truths to themselves and consequently to others.
  3. This person has graduated from being a mere living soul to realizing the life-giving spirit in him, 1 Corinthians 15:45.
  4. This person feeds many in Proverbs 10,
  5. gets his prayers answered, 1John 5:15,
  6. knows what is acceptable
  7. is guided in the sphere of his gift-of-righteous integrity.


He lives in a Derived life

This person fellowships with a living God and has a word in season on behalf of the weary.

  1. He has left behind all worldly-success aspirations, made them a secondary priority.
  2. He has taken hold of excellence’s derived life, sourced in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

    Paul exclaimed,” For me, to live is Christ.”

He realizes he can help change a person’s eternal destiny; in accordance, the issues of life and death out of his mouth facilitate this.

Proverbs says that death and life are in the power of the tongue and this guy lives in an accountability to life.

In Proverb 21:1 he humbles himself under God’s hand and God turns him whither-so-ever He will. It is usually toward God’s eternal ends for the redemption of mankind.

-He has lost his old self to find a higher.
-His value system is positive and full of encouragement.
-He perceives the power of it, as it prioritizes heaven.
-He loves the gift of righteousness and hates iniquity and, like Jesus, receives the reward of the oil of gladness above his fellows.
-He seeks more knowledge and feeds himself with it as his life attaches less importance self-ward, but more others-destined.
-He is tempted to look backwards but discovers his throne is “upholden in mercy,”

Proverbs 20: He is standing and gliding on the skating rink of the eternal mercy of God and has not forsaken it for lying vanities, Jonah 3:8.

When he falls he is not utterly cast down, for the Lord upholds him with His hand, Psalm 37:23.

He may fall 7 times in a day but gets back up. He stands, falls, and gets back up inside the impenetrable space bubble of God’s grace.

Nothing can separate him from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus

Finally, this mighty man knows deeply that the world’s empires can take away all that he has. His body can be marred and rendered inoperable. His family may desert him, and even turn on him.




—nothing can separate him from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus, and nothing can penetrate, if he doesn’t let it, his inward fortress of peace and joy and love unconditional. It is his secret, and it is enough.  love ya


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