The Life Bringer

Some members in particular are given, a joint that supplies, to breathe life into our corner of the body, and invigorate our group. These folks carry not a man’s energy, which can intimidate, but a quickening that removes intimidation. These don’t ask us to perform or do things, they instead perform the things concerning us. They effortlessly serve us, sometimes unknowingly.

These inspirers spread grace, the God quality, through their weakened humanity. They not only know Christ but Christ interacts with us through them. They are full of grace and truth. 

This kind has been with the Savior, their face shines reflecting His presence, and the glory of grace is praised in them. They have an eternal weight of glory in their soul through trials and temptations, mostly hidden sufferings. They have wept for their circle oft, their family daily. They have encompassed themselves in God’s songs of deliverance; they have sought the light of His wondrous face.

These have discovered themselves as the unworthy delight of their King, and found Him whom their soul loves. These virtue spreaders have wrestled oft with their unworthiness so cleaving to grace and redemption — In humility finding love and forgiveness, to where the King greatly desires their beauty. They have washed their hands in innocence, had their feet washed a lot.


This one for us was Merilee Ford, She brought us not goodness but God. Not judgment but love, not hurry but rest, not defeat but hope, not hell but heaven.

She was a flower, she a fragrance and a perfume. She was a joy bringer, peace maker. We will greatly miss her, our gift from God. 

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