The Invitation

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“The Invitation” requests your presence at a fellowship with Jesus Christ. It politely urges you to enter into love, for eternity. It welcomes your presence at a throne of pardon, one in which all of your faults will have disappeared.  It reveals a gift of righteousness, a stamp of approval, forever. It removes every hindrance to a life of meaning and purpose.

Only a devil would refuse this invitation, only a demon could beg to be excused.

Only hell itself would accuse the Invitation Giver of lying

To all people, whosoever will, this gospel-invitation explains God’s judicial enactments, which pave the way for the Invitation.

  1. God attributes to every person ownership of the name, “sinner” — alienated from God.
  2. God lays all of that “iniquity” on His Son, Jesus Christ, who carried it to a bloody death.
  3. God attributes ownership of the name “righteous” to all who receive Christ; and we become “Sons of God.”

Friends, in this place of “righteous acceptance,” we begin to enjoy God’s love, which becomes the motivation of our actions back toward God; then ourselves and others.

But, a scheme to resist this glorious “good news,” floats in the air. Some “doubting themes” go this way:

  1. I could never be worthy of such a gift. (a contradiction of terms).
  2. Won’t a good moral life get me to heaven?
  3. What about the heathen who never hear the gospel?

Hundreds of questions and objections are available to any who want to doubt or resist.  Sometimes these come from sincere folks, and gospel-sharers should be ready with true Biblical answers.

A newer theme comes from a post-modern perspective and goes this way: ” any philosophy, religion or ideology which professes to have all the answers;

is oppressive and authoritarian. It violates my freedom and right to hold my own beliefs.

In other words, “we don’t accept Buddhism, Communism, totalitarianism, Christianity or any systems like these.

Sorry folks but the remainder of this post was “miraculously deleted” by who knows who.





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