Love and death

Love and death

A person must lay down their life in order to love the way God loves and stay true to
the Bible.  They must remove self, right now; place their very soul on the line; but could any even be willing?

Do we wish for genuine self-sacrificing love? Are we empowered enough to become a victim for the sake of another? “Well, maybe for a child or wife” we say; but how many times can we do
this? We willfully forsake a career, a good opportunity, a chance at success, a relationship with another, to love that chosen one unconditionally? Rare!

In our face; God risks His own reputation to befriend a totally undeserving and conniving Abram and line up on the field’s same side with him. I don’t see a lot of this going on in our society. Pee-Wee Reese put his arm around Jackie Robinson in early baseball history; but that was the last time as far as I can remember. Sometimes it may seem to be happening, but a secret motive manifests, and this nullifies the whole deal.
(I’m going to borrow a thought from a renowned secular now and add my own embellishment.
We originate nothing privately but utilize prior-teachings, applying these circumstantially,
necessary adjustments attached. We originate through our heart’s personal frame
of reference, not simply by reading something off a page. Honestly we create;
using the materials in deposit.)
Here it is, whatever angle we wish to view it; humans fear love, as love
implies death, and I exaggerate not. Yes, real love is not detected in fallen mankind; No, sinful man cannot exhibit true love. Sexual intimacy, parental love, infatuation, strong emotional ties and appreciations and various compatibilities of marriage with fondness are yes, “in the cards”
for the human race and much more. Not grouped in these examples, ‘unconditional
love’ stands apart.
Stepping outside of cause and effect, God laughs at, and must ignore the little love-wisdom of man, in order to save man. Are we mad He did? A lot of people rage, because it disgusts
them too much to admit ‘I am man and He is God’. “Somehow God sees something in me that is lovable” O really?
Well, premise, presupposition and conclusion, cause and effect, 2 plus 2 and all logical rationale for love, cannot put their arms around this verse: Romans 5:16 says “the free gift,(of God), is of many
offenses unto righteousness.” Kenneth Weust translates “the gratuitous gift, on the other hand, was out of many transgressions as a source, unto righteousness.

If we get this we understand unconditional love.

Paul said “where sin doth abound, grace does much more abound in Romans 5:1-2. Unless this principle sticks and continues, most relationships will  fail at the point of personal challenge. Why?  Well, if there is one ounce of self-gratification in the love, unconditional status leaves, because that one ounce will eventually expose its weak link.
Take heart, yet, my friends, God is Love and when my sinful self does abound, His gift of grace does much more abound  for me to receive it. Grace is God’s vehicle to impart love. When I embrace it to the point of heart-indwelling, I am filled with it and can offer it to others. All by myself this love remains impossible, but with God I can love with His love. Does it require my life laid down? Yes, but now I enthusiastically relinquish it, knowing resurrection follows in this sphere of  love unconditional.
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