Intimacy: Security and Significance

“nothing so shortens and soothes your pain as the spirit of non-resistance to Your Lord” Francis Fenelon

A man or a woman must hold significance together with their security, these two, or life function loses oomph! The human, destined for love, equally acquires this love, and also distributes it, or life bogs down. Not just one action suffices. Both show up, and no less, because life must flow river-like, coming in and going out. 

God claims to know our down sitting, but also our uprising. This is spoken of in the Psalms, (139 to be exact). If we forsake the fountain of living waters inflow in Jeremiah 2:13, these waters refrain their eventual outflow from our belly, (emotions), in John 7:38, and we die spiritually.
Well, Alexander Bell invented a telephone system. In each system he built a speaker but also a receiver. Why? Exchange baby — exchange! A marriage can be no less than give and take, no less than mutual cooperation with a spouse. Understanding and sacrificial interaction dominate the union or the goal of intimacy falls by the wayside. Intimacy is a word possessing both security and significance, Let’s look further into the example.
The marriage secret quietly abides: intimacy-motivated movement toward the partner. For this to happen, impervious heart walls come down and allow vulnerability for the en-vowed one’s invasive exploration. Thus, the marital commitment draws two into dedicated and steady focus, progressing toward caring and fulfillment of the other with meaning — in sickness and health, till death do us part.
Vows embraced, partners start down the only true lovers lane; forever joined. Here, amatory (love inspired) concessions are rewarded with amorous essence, and the couple proceed more privately and personally interactive; a deep exchange. The inner strings of their life’s partner are taken hold of, and one by one absorbed into their own heart’s essence.
Now, devotion prerequisites intimacy and mere sexual exchange may only touch the surface. With pledge and promise, a husband’s insecurity is overcome by nurturing and dedicated care — a giving sourced in real love from the other. With the same commitment of the partner, a spouse’s insecurity is overcome, “enabling” the significance of nurturing ability, dedicated care-giving, and real love, back “toward” the other. It’s a reciprocal thing. Trust allows simplicity and openness to develop in the spouse, it’s a safe environ. Shame and fear are dispelled here. She or he simply receive and return the love.
Do we see the illustration? If passion toward a loved one, and that fervor reciprocated, create security and significance; how much more with the Originator of persons and relationships. Creation brought us God’s image to a degree, but now the Person of that image joins us in salvation. The entire world’s religion cannot replace the only real soul-unguent; the personal inter- communing bond with a Living God through Jesus Christ. He waits with gracious initiations filling His generously loving hands.
Oh, God realizes the risk and delicacy of approaching us. Preparatory rust removal can provoke the opposite effect of its long term polishing and shining aim. The entire courtship may blow up due to early discomfort. The hardening of the heart to healing’s hypodermic needle stands behind more soul and body sickness than any would believe. A mere pinch of healing, a few moments of discomfort, God caringly abides aware.
This drawing toward God’s intimacy moves us toward deeper acquaintance with all of reality, creation, and self too. The little lady in Song of Solomon 5 hesitates; her lover shakes the door. Her procrastination relates not to seeing Him, but rather to being seen of him. She quickly tries readying herself which means covering her most personal bareness; fine for sleeping but not entertaining. At last the lover withdraws himself. Why? Too much face, facade, perfume and cover-up, Heaven will need this none.

An allegorical picture, yes, but oh, how we instinctively build privacy protection. Can you imagine the joy we will have, uniting with the lover of our soul, without having to play any religious games or put on any masks. Thankfully, in the story, the lover distances himself but remains available. She again finds him.

In closing, Inner-function troubles us, much more than lack of effort, opportunities, or hard work. Many people seem to already have security and significance, but it unfortunately founds itself on these temporal things. All appears fine, till these things fail.

has a plan for our life, and the aim is built upon the foundation of
intimacy; the kind that brings security and significance unchanging. God initiates and remains dedicated and focused throughout, otherwise, what good can it bring? He is confident life will flow out of a truly secure and purpose realized individual — then this flow goes back to God, and also to others. Amen!

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