Flood of Love

Life began on the first day of the week; on that, of all days first, when the sinless Savior died. It came out of Him, a fountain erupted, and swept the plains, valleys and hills till the life-effect sprouted buddings and blooms tall and broad. Bitter waters turned sweet and an ax head swam home to shore. A great net retrieved fish till net-burst, then waters came out of a person’s belly. A man stood up and walked right on the waters; which same waters make glad the city of God. 

Devils rankled the waters and a storm erupted, heads got washed; then calm resisted so feet got a good washing later. The waters headed north, over the mountains; an ark-boat buoyed, one and only to be seen. Men came out of that time capsule and water became wine at a wedding, many a year later. Yes, showers of blessing drenched the vines and men became stewards of flow.

Some men feared the water and built a tower, the same profile characterized those fearing the “magic” tree in the garden. Fear eviled the good in their minds. They changed the sweet waters back to bitter. They didn’t know they were infected and also infecting everything with their wrong perspective. Evil also muddied the water of their discernment.

What do the waters want? To go, to flow, to wetten, refresh, to fill least-resistance’ path they run. They wash, they quench, they soak, they nourish. To devastate and make alive again, to bury and revive, to dry up and then re-trickle, they drip and then stream, retreat and then break again. They foam, thicken and then melt; they evaporate only to condense once more. They assume a form most needed, whether gentle compassion, bubbling laughter or roaring indignation. They don’t have to answer to law or simple rule, they are synonymous with freedom.

These waters absorb solubles, become united in appearance and color; they form mud, dough, cement, and Tang — coffee and tea, and most of all, hot chocolate. Ha, ha! These penetrate hearts, infiltrate souls, interrogate spirits, and consist a physical body. No form evades them.

What’s the point of all this? Life and water are invasive and pervasive and do not flee away at my ignoring. If we want to put either on the shelf for a day, don’t expect a continuous containment. Water is comin’ folks, so is life, so is God’s life. The more I try to quell these, the more they don’t go away. O yield to these, friends. Take up constant recognition of them, because they are demanding a handling, and a decision. They don’t stop.

Rebellion tries to make reality disappear, but Jesus found Paul and then in a “truth out of love” told him “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” In other words, “Paul, you can do nothing against truth, but for it only.” Friends our little power can put God out of mind, but never out of existence. Meekness, an essential worship, reckons on all coming-down-the-pike realities as belonging to God, and truth. A dedication to all things planned by God for me settles my peaceful existence. All things are mine, for my sake and are working together for good. Resist anything that initiates some contrary interpretation.

So, does God push Himself on us? No, but never, never think He will quit trying to penetrate me with His love. I get free volition, but God’s kind of Love-Identity cannot help but keep coming. Never think God is satisfied with our ignorant or rebellious choices. He aims for us, He desires me, He pursues you, He sets his face like flint for all of us.

In closing, if God fights, it is for me, if He is angry he is angry for my sake, If God hates evil it is on my behalf. God is Light, Life, Love and a Consuming Fire. All these are One God whose dedication to Truth means no one will stop His pursuit of me. I am not fighting against Him. Thanks Jesus, I, for one, want all that you want for me. Put me in the river to the ankles, to the knees, to the waist, and then over my head; let me flow with you, O Lord. Love ya                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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