This next section describes ego UN-powering.

First and obvious question relates to that old rat, the ego. We said it must die and die it has. The process of healing steamrolled the twirp as the scourge of God flattened pavement. Yes, a dirty old road is buried, dead indeed. It becomes a foundation for the brand new super-highway. The healed man, increasing influence ever more, fulfills and supplants this phony reality-builder.

Ego worked frantically, but its operations only functioned in a sphere without scruples; a sphere where morals or restraints are dampened. Again, this type of independent-I, could only thrive in its self made sphere of false freedom. Exposed now, that world is gone.

See, in the eternal scheme, the need for crafty manipulation of life events is an unnecessary operation. Pushing self ahead, creating life-solving identity and personality masking become outdated. Honestly, we have nothing left to cover up or stage-manage. We have no higher ground to attain by earthly standards, nor shame of identity to hide. Pretension becomes an old game —it loses any and all relevance.

So, this ego may have found it’s opportunity when life became too hard. An event blasted us, a loved one rejected us, a partner left us. Maybe our existence just became unbearable. Ego befriended us, preying on our weakness. The pain brought by those above mentioned hard events, required comforting and ego stepped in. 

Pressure relief and pleasure release seemed to be a good way. I guess. Well, if these two didn’t fit the temperament of the person, maybe a religious spirit would seem to give a new start. Ego provided a new drive, cause, plan, and directive path. For a while its paths brought relief. The paths however led us down roads of no return.  

What it didn’t provide was hope, freedom from shame, and an eternal destiny. All of our paths are mercy and truth… Psalm 25. The path of the just is a shining light, shining more and more unto the perfect day, Prov 4:18. Paul said “that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but in all boldness…” in Phillipians. “And hope maketh not ashamed, for the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit…” Romans 5:5.

What am I saying? God has put us on a path of growth and discovery. We are in no need to compete or strive. We do not have to attain. We only die daily to the once crucified ego and his big program of self development. We just put in the grave all need for measuring up, living up to, putting on religious faces. We kill peer-pressure, fads, styles, and trends for acceptance. We destroy self-appeasement, gained by doing “good” deeds. We simply allow for “I am what I am by the grace of God,” 1Corinthians 15:10. Period!

In God’s post-ego life, everything conditional fades and everything unconditional starts. Everything unfinished ends and everything finished replaces it. “Do” is replaced by “done,” and “then” is replaced by “now.” Total acceptance undoes trying hard. 

So finally, at rest, we are ripe for adventuring. Nothing to lose, we jump in. Free and clean, we worship Him, our Precious God and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is our new friend and guide. He is our new hope and unashamedness. He is our motivator and finisher of all our brand new faith explorations. 

Our new path is a narrow road. Yes, broad is the way of destruction. It’s a safe road, its a high road, its a holy road. It rests in a confident expectation. It eats the honey and comb, it lives in reverence for God. It cherishes an eternal destiny.

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