He remains not aloof, but comes close – – – He waits not passively, but initiates – – –He continues not far, but next to me – – – not tomorrow, but now! His Love unrelenting, His presence shadowing – – –His face imposes, His heart exposes, pride non-existing, His transparency shines. His lowliness is obvious, meekness assuring, tenderness alluring, my confidence returning.
His authority undaunted, His mercy defends me; His wisdom incalculable, His faith immeasurable. His actions miraculous, His penetration deepens; His power beyond scrutiny, His works accomplished, yes completely! His pardon all erasing, His salvation eternal, His compassion now cleanses, His graciousness never ending.

“How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that He should give his only Son, to make a wretch his treasure. How great the pain of searing loss, the father turns his face away, as wounds which mar the chosen one, bringing many sons to glory.”

Have you ever thought of the difference between existence and life? It is the distance between futility and meaning! It divides between knowledge and actions; “what I am” versus “what I do.” It separates survival from triumph, superficiality from purpose . It gives meaning to things such as suffering and weakness, and not just token praise.

A Christian’s life flip-flops. The average man likes detachment from reality, whereas the new man longs for touch. Truth necessitates our now, whatever price, it matters not —to think it, sense, to taste, spiritually smell, to hear, speak and, oh yes, to move in it. All of these are activated by regenerated hearts which forsake their inhibition for intimacy.

Find we pragmatism or reduction, sight evaluation, materialistic settlement; fleshy touch and feely stuff? No; heavenly, supernatural, eternal, personal, of God, guides new hearts. Is there a reach, a tension? Yes, because of the walls, masks, coverings, fig leafs, and personality defenses, we struggle to emerge above our self deceiving. Our thoughts must rightly divide, spirit and soul to separate.

Awakened by His loving forwardness, we see His hand in the opening of the door. Our self consciousness delays our response, and we, hindered, miss Him. No matter, we try to find Him, but He will initiate another time and this time we will have learned to be ready. Our self-protecting got us safety, but we forsook the thrill, the love, the life, the meaning, the closeness, the hope.

Friends, we were made for Him, yes, Jesus of Nazareth is coming your way. Things do matter, and people, but none like Him, the Christ. All are means to Him, our soul’s throbbing, and heart’s content. Open to Him quickly. Though you have not kept your own vineyard, now is your time. It is your time of love. Amen!

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