The Tightrope

The tightrope act spoken of in Paul’s word to Ephesus, 5:15, is not for fools. It takes precision, a sure footed walk and a certain pace. Insight and skill are essentials toward, “Buying up for yourselves the seasonable time,” — the opportune time afforded to you for the work of God,”– j.F.B. says “Special favorable seasons for good, occasionally presenting themselves, of which believers ought diligently to avail themselves.” The slip of foot can mean falling on broken glass in the analogy.

Although the days are “evil,” and infection surrounds, this season is precious; a field to be bought for a pearl. Avail yourself to the opportunities. Each is but once in a lifetime. For such a time as this, we breathe.

Our steps must be ordered, established, sure. Our pace in sync with the proper cadence, we press onward. Man plans the pathway, the Lord directs the steps. A man in the Way gets the Lord’s leading. The valiant man walks in companionship with the Lord. God delights in this way of man, He is inclined to it. Though we fall, and yes we will at times, we will not reel or fall headlong; for the Lord props us up with outreached hand. Halleluiah!

Steps can be enlarged! It happened in David’s trek of Psalm 18:36. This enlargement solidified his ground underneath and eliminated his waver. Out of David’s bosom came kindness toward a neighbor, however it was rejected. In the stability of God’s companionship, he perceived occasion to deal with a so-called friend, now revealed as an enemy. This, he did precisely. It was God’s enemy also, and an enemy of Israel.

Folks, in the path of light we see light and it shines more and more unto the perfect day. Discernment is vital. God’s Word gives that light upon its entrance, a lamp unto our feet. Iniquity’s dominion messes up the ordered steps. What is this Iniquity? Let’s find answers — “Emotional rebellion, presumption?” Perhaps we honor self-consciousness above God-consciousness?

From Dr. Carl Stevens we have a related thought. “They add “sin to sin.”– add to the sin of rebellion against God, that of forming an alliance with evil. When one sin is committed, it is often necessary to commit others.   Some habitually consult others before consulting God — putting confidence in a creature. Some seek to cover themselves with the rags of their own righteousness, and not with the robe of Christ’s righteousness. When a person refuses to minister grace, (to himself first), he loses the value of Christ’s character — “a false covering to hide spiritual nakedness — that usually involves lying.”

“They Add something out of the old sin nature to take care of the sin they just committed. You see, when a person starts drinking alcohol, he has lost a value. When a person starts thinking with pornography, he’s lost a value, and he begins to add sin to sin. And when a person starts criticizing, he loses the value of edifying.”

Wow, sin on sin can tear down my values? The narrows of life challenge these guiding precepts, will they hold up? They must. When a person faces a solemn season; don’t add fear. Another has sinned; don’t add condemnation. Someone has been wronged, don’t add bitterness. A relationship is budding, don’t add false hope or impropriety. A subjective evaluation of life’s stuff cannot prevail as “doctrine” or we fall to broken glass. (tightrope).

Precious friends, we sometimes add emotion to emotion, terror to fear, panic to reverence, rage to anger, libido to love. Done in numerous ways, these mechanisms wreck the accuracy of a meticulous tightrope walk. They hinder poise, calm, quieted-spirit-advancement even when sight is difficult. Abraham left Ur, not knowing where he went, but, “walk before Me” was the charge. In quietness and confidence is our strength!

In closing, the narrow road that leads to eternal life is one of mercy. Proverbs 20:28 teaches the establishment of a king’s throne in mercy. Mercy ushers in the softening of the harsh, the lightening of the heavy, the brightening of the dark day. The Mercy-seat is Christ Our Lord who companions with us on the tapered path, soothes the painful stresses, dries up the tears, binds up our broken heart.

Lastly, our Propitiation, Jesus himself, sticks closer than a brother, loves at all times, was born for adversity. He will minister to you on your bed of languishing, make your bed in your weakness. And He will teach us how to walk moment by moment with Him. Yeah, we shall be holden up, for God is able to make us stand. Fellows, by mercy and truth iniquity is purged.  Love ya.

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