Not Groundhog, but Turkey Day

Parking was easy; we had a small rental car, low curbs and no real space markers. Pay at the credit card machine, don’t push the wrong buttons; decide how much time needed and add amounts slowly. Place your ticket on the dash visibly. We bought time together. Brother to brother, we were enjoying each other’s rare company. To the used book-nook, yes the sign said “open.”

Mildew hits the nostrils, faintly, then stronger; the stay would have to be shortened. What treasures would be found? — Civil war, Christianity, Sociology, Nazi Germany? Personal stories of psychological exploration, biography of a war spy, sports strategies, the brain book; mining for gold, we endured as long as possible. Throats red, we paid and left; but happy with our tiny jewels.

A free day, great conversation followed us throughout, unforced but “come as it may,” we enjoyed the next thought, and the next. Down the street we found a bright shining narrow way, eateries lined both sides, it was old-town, like when we were kids. I got a bagel with cream cheese, bro got a Reuben. We shot the breeze. Anger, emotions, boundaries, healing – we tied the former with the present. Morning Fresh was the scent of the outside. We stayed awhile.

Back in the car, to the hill overlooking the city, clear as a bell we scanned and scoped. We saw the famous ship, Constellation, in the inner-harbor and took a few pictures from our I-phones. Water blue, taxis shifting, even the bay-bridge could be seen from up there, loading docks and cranes. We were enjoying the panorama and each other — Savoring the moments.

Next was the organic food market and healthy snacks. We’re making Indian food tomorrow — Broccoli, cauliflower, ginger and garlic; I have all the spices already at home — Chick peas too. One more stop at the Asian Market and then back. By now we have solved most world problems. Tamarind was the last purchase; we like its twist.

Leisure won the day, fun and gratefulness too. A special fellowship, we brought Christ with us. His Spirit refreshed us with insightful thought. Creative considerations, challenging statements, cordial disagreements, clarifications, we had it all.

Then, a moment of reflection suddenly birthed a delicate truth; heaven will be great, yes wonderful. Today was fun but heaven will be ecstasy. How? — A dream comes true? Heaven will carry a whole other quality of life, one with no beginning or ending.

We will get the unconscious feeling that this home has always existed. Like Europe feels much older than America, heaven also will caress the senses, but deeper. Netherland, Narnia, Pluto, and Milky Way fall short. Will there be gravity there? Supernatural creatures, we will naturally merge with environmental conditions, like fish in water and birds in air. We sense our eternity; have we also always been? — In God’s mind, yes.

Then we experience the other side of forever, we will live onward. Death ain’t there. Bill Murray drove his truck off a cliff, he could not die. He also studied and mastered piano, French poetry, ice sculpting and saving lives. Things, kind of, congealed for him in his perpetual “Groundhog Day.” Touching “predesigned station,” it will be the dawning of a day without end for us.

What else is paradise? No rip-off parking meters and no mildew. Cars are not even necessary, neither hills for viewing. We move around in a flash. Food is strictly for enjoyment, can’t spoil because time ain’t sucking life away. Then the most wonderful people will join us to fellowship in the Light. Awe, this is the perk! — People without hang-ups, without secret motives, without pretense, and no inhibitions or fears. Folks will be transparent, open books, expressing their heightened awareness without flaws of character. Genuine love will always be at the root, a conversation will always edify.

Finally, Jesus, God as man will be in our midst. We will be in His midst, whose grace is poured out on His lips. No one will resist grace, but swim in it. No one will mistrust grace, but drink it. No one will add to grace but lavish themselves with it. It is the air; it is the genre for a man. Thanksgiving pours out of every pore; nothing else exhausts from grace fuel. Unmerited love, favor, acceptance, esteem; the limits are pulled back; the Christ fills all and in all. To thank Him is life! Love ya

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  1. pt s said:

    Thanks P Ron. Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas to you and family. ts

    November 26, 2016
  2. Catherine C said:

    Thanks P. Tom. I enjoyed reading this. Your words were refreshing. ~~~ I think in heaven there will be no separation.

    November 27, 2016
    • pt s said:

      Thanks for the thought Catherine

      December 5, 2016
  3. Unknown said:

    Thanks, P.Tom,
    Thought provoking, swimming in God's Grace. Easy on the joints along with great cardiac benefit. The Lord
    has thought of everything, praise Him for His mercy seat.

    November 29, 2016

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