The Love Equalizer

Love, with heat and moisture, irons out a wrinkle, mends a broken heart. It even unifies a division, straightens a crooked or double mind.

An animal may respond to love, so might a tree; these have some form of life in them.

But, a man or woman cannot survive without love!

The sophisticated psyche of a man checks his barbaric side. He remains cool. He would like to run amok all over the planet, but stifles his urges. Then he is told of “liberation” and feels cheated and hypocritical. He begins to explore his dark barbarism, but has no understanding of its depth. He senses that the cost for “liberation” will be rejection from the sophisticates, but the feeling of “free” empowers him forward. He affirms his rights of individuality; becomes more and more barbaric.

He wonders where love has gone, but he has forsaken its initiation; he has chosen death over life — and death to love.

He exhibits extreme kindness during the work week; he is revealing to others how he would like to be treated; on the weekend he displays his shocking decadent side.

All is a pursuit of lost love.

To egg-on the pursuit, the voices of the “radical liberated” cry in his ears “you are okay, stay the course.”

He finds the magnificent love-pretender: Sex, and its forms. He exclaims, “I found it.”

Found what? false freedom?

“Quoting H. Thielicke from ‘The Freedom of the Christian man,’ he explains the false freedom of Liberation theory, the driving force behind man’s destruction.

Dialectical materialism advocates the thesis that in nature as well as society, there is no such thing as chance, but that necessity reigns supreme.'”

Friedrich Engels said, “Freedom does not consist in the dream of independence of natural laws, but in the knowledge of these Laws and in the possibility this gives of systematically allowing them to work toward definite ends.” “The collaboration with these laws presupposes a knowledge of these laws… the rules that govern the material and economic substructure of history.”

What?  “…the rules that govern the material and economic substructure of history?” These are the rules we follow?

Wait, there’s more. “…there is an eschatological freedom that will come with the consummation of history.” There will be a “leap into the realm of freedom…the rule of the product over the producer will cease.” Hegel said, “man develops into a subjective spirit.”” …man will then become a self-contained existence…existing in and with himself.”

Let me paraphrase: Man will become a god one day, and this is worth the necessity of present embattled days.” “love will have to wait…maybe my children will see it, before they die. This is our fate as man — just follow it.

So we settle for sexual episodes because love, true love is not to be had, as yet…but, this false love…

  1. is conditional.
  2. the price is steep.
  3. strange disease complicates it. Or unwanted pregnancy, or, or, or…

Their answer? Tough luck, you were born in the wrong time!

Let’s shift back to the truth of Christ’ love: It…

  1. Is unconditional
  2. Is free
  3. Casts out fear, covers all sin.
  4. is for right now!

On the opening pages of “Pilgrims Progress” we come up on the principle character all clothed in rags, a heavy burden on his back, greatly distressed in mind… crying, “what must I do to be saved?”

“Do you see yonder shining light? Says evangelist.”

“I think I do, says the wretched man.”

“Keep that light in your eyes and go directly thereto; so shall thou see a gate, at which, when thou knock, it shall be told thee what thou shall do.”

Man comes in due course to the gate… “may I now enter here? Will he within open to sorry me, though I have been a sorry rebel?”

“I am willing with all my heart, replies Good Will, the keeper of the gate.”

And there, at the very beginning of his new life stands the first vague but unmistakable suggestion of John Bunyan’s text.”

“In no wise cast out.”

“He that cometh to Me, says God Himself, I will in no wise cast out.”

Friends, if love can’t relieve my deepest fears, iron out all the wrinkles, cover my sin; today — Its too small.

love ya



  1. P. Norm said:

    P. Tom,

    This new post came just in time. With the virus task force updates,
    One from God’s heart is needed. Basking in the Love of Christ. All is well.
    Let’s praise God all the more !

    March 24, 2020
    • pt s said:

      Thanks friend

      March 28, 2020

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