The High Road



“And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.” Isaiah 35:8

‘The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.” Proverbs 15:24

“God completely heals the wounded who have failed completely (Psalm 147:3).

  1. He comes and binds up the transgression—called the “breach,” in Isaiah 30:26—
  2. and He heals the stroke of the wound. The stroke refers to the paralysis brought in by the demon armies in the unconscious mind and in the body. The demonic influence exerted in this process is to control the responses of the central nervous system.” Dr. Carl H. Stevens

“Take the example of a man who committed adultery … He was sobbing, overwhelmed with sorrow, resenting and rejecting himself completely. But a great thing happened in our counseling sessions.

  1. The guilt went,
  2. the shame went,
  3. the rejection went,
  4. the fear went,
  5. and the past went.      Why? Because the moment he confessed his sin and forsook it, he took on:
  1. the imparted righteousness of grace,
  2. the motivation of love,
  3. the power of a multitude of mercies.  Dr. Carl H. Stevens

We surmise that the “paralysis” that comes with a continuum of re-visiting the wound in the unconscious mind, is reinforced of guilt, shame, rejection, fear, memories etc.

An infection may result in complications.

“You can think of losing a loved one as somewhat like a physical injury — psychological issues that interfere with grief as like an infection that complicates wound healing.”  Taken from “Bereavement ” in Psychology Today

Infection complicates healing.

A woman scribbled something on a paper, having awoken in the night. In the morning she read it.  “The most important thing in my life is the death of my mother.”

Although she denied this idea later, it was still true. In grieving where there has formed a wound, the focus freezes right there. Many reflective visits to the wound center, (unconscious mind), creates an ever forming focus with an infection. The response system is damaged which means the capacity to shift focus is impaired.

Friends, rejection, accusation, violation of privacy, disregard of personal rights, injury inflicted on self or loved ones, death, all carry weighty consequences potentially. These can stigmatize or “brand”  the mind and leave a person filtering life through a self-fabricated mirror.

So now, lets talk again about the highway.

It’s a highway of faith. Wonderful thoughts of God’s love, mercy, grace, or forgiveness from His Word are appropriated only by faith.

So if the capacity for response is marred, how can faith come?

…through a penetration of God’s Word into the unconscious mind, a complete initiation from God and a work of grace.

God’s best breaks through in  a time of being cornered, a time of going down, a time of helplessness, and hope almost gone.

Now, deliverance clearly smashes through from God, and God alone. We don’t do it, we could never; our vision was focused abyss-wise, our will-power drained.

But that deliverance, the timeliness of it, the awesome display of might with simplicity, creates a never questioned, never thought of, miraculous show of rescue by love, dashing bravery, un-explainable courage and ease of operation.

The weight of it throws the gravity of the wound into shallow standing — Our Worship fixed.

It’s oomph gone, the cognitive-dissonance (conflicts in thought processes.) is leveled,  Confusion in the mind gives way to order, divided attitudes unite with the removal of one or many.

Lastly, the way of the clean, the whole, the healed, the united, discover the highway. It’s above to the wise, departs from hell beneath. It took a taste of hell to visualize the heaven above. But now even wayfaring men, (the “presence of God” followers,) shall not err on that highway.

It’s a way in which there are no errors recorded. The travelers may be simple people but divinely joined and intertwined with God and one another. enjoy! love ya

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