Stay In Love’s Sphere

“The transgression of the wicked says within my heart, there is no fear of God before their eyes.” This is Psalm 36, verse two. So, something that others do has something to say in my heart? Yes, the heart moves and absorbs movement, processing thoughts, feelings, conscience, etc. We guard the processor vigilantly, entrusting it to God, this is Proverbs 23:26.

See, we have a brand-new heart, but what became of the old heart? That heart has the capability to resurface in our experience if my new heart is not safe-guarded. To avert this re-rise we put our bodies on an altar, set apart, and fellowship in a discernment of his will and purpose which correlates to my new heart. See?

Now, with this new heart we have many sanctified functions: one of these is to distinguish all people and circumstances. Let me give you an example; when operating in the new heart, the improper actions and attitudes of some people, may impact us and actually hurt us. Why? It is because our new hearts’ link with God’s own. Jesus Himself wept at Lazarus’ grave and at other times was moved with compassion, righteous anger and indignation. Promptings and faith-dedication, gratitude and honor, reverence and praise happen from this new heart source. Plans and purposes originate here also.

Here is the point, we cannot always avoid wicked or insensitive deeds. We must, however, remove from listening to evil reports because we cannot deny that the deeds of all men, ourselves included, can register in our hearts. This is the hearts’ discernment. I cannot deny it. So when I see a wicked transgression, I say “there is no fear of God before their eyes.” I steer clear.

What encompasses this missing fear of the wicked? Well, spelling out the lack of Holy reverence and a sense of His presence, is profanity. This profanity treats holy things in a common way. I must discern this, in myself, or in others because it will destroy love. “The Spiritual man discerns all things, yet he is discerned of no man.”1 Corinthians 2:16.

Philippians 1:9 says, “I wish that your love would increase yet more and more in knowledge and all judgment, (discernment). Here, Paul is connecting discernment with an increase in love.

A vital part of our confidence in ministry and restoration founds itself in 1 Corinthians 4:1-4. In these passages Paul spurns the judgment of man toward him. Indeed he explains “I judge not my own self.” “But I commit all judgment unto Him.” “I Judge Nothing before the Time.”

How does this stuff work? Well it works this way; God’s love conceals the matter. Would you agree? Which matter? The answer is, the matter which we have discerned. Again, it is pretty hard not to see the matters of men sometimes, but it is vital how we handle the information. We handle it by holding agape love, which covers the multitude of sins. So we must not be infected with sin consciousness? No, we stay in love consciousness.

The question is, do we trust His ability to restore our brother who is overtaken in a fault; maybe not? Galatians 6:1. Most of us do not want to get our hands dirty. This is OK for new believers who need time to grow. However, an understanding of God’s grace, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness and how to apply these to others, enables others to the task.

In other words, in reference to Paul’ words, he is never going to try to negatively evaluate the motives of a man —he resists the urge to do so, and stays in the realm of the Holy Spirit’s leading. He commits the keeping of his soul and theirs unto God, as unto a faithful Creator, and waits to discern. To discern what? The heart of God now is the only expectation. “I am free from all men, but make myself servant to all.”

Discernment deals with what can be seen, said, and heard of God. No more. This is objectivity. We are never allowed to read into or speculate about a situation or a person’s heart. This is forbidden territory, this is sacred. However, when we see the outward display, a factual happening, we must discern God’s love. A specific love is needed, and the Holy Spirit readies to communicate that love. He looks for a willing vessel, a laid down life, one confident in grace.

Finally, this love may be tough-love, there may be discipline needed or confrontation. We judge righteous judgement. To let love increase with knowledge and discernment includes the idea of protecting that love of God.

I have often been jarred out of God’s loving nature by the opinions or actions of others. The growing in knowledge and discernment gives us thick skin, while the heart remains tender. We need both. Love Ya

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