Mental and Emotional Stability in the Finished Work of Christ

An imagination is a picture derived from an image received in the unconscious mind. Though these images are initially abstract, they bring in certain pulsations, feelings or sensations in the physical realm. Then the image begins to form and take shape in the subconscious mind. Finally, it is fully developed in the conscious mind where it receives the full cooperation of
our faculties.

Folks waver. They ride the sea of experience which has its polarities. They have triumphant times and times of defeat, times of joy versus times of terror, times of freedom against times of guilt. In all of these the soul gyrates.

Moods can swing and emotions fluctuate, as conscience derides us in accusation. Then it excuses us as if a god. Self and “selfless” battle, indecision results. The unconscious mind pushes its way into the conscious, imaginations develop in their darkroom. We fight in self-preservation, blind spots inhibiting, “sight spots” lightening; and all this in the normal soul? Libido throws us into self-will and effectively betrays our new identity in Christ. 
Was this God’s intention? What about the “abnormal” guy who functions judgmentally impaired? Conscience seared with a hot iron, emotions guide by default or a voice of intuition or whatever. 

Friends, many deceived souls secretly exult in utter exuberance,”it is unfinished.” Yes, “it is still broken.” O happy excuse. “Unfinished” in an abiding state conditions some to what broken feels like. We humans ooze into it and bask. We learn the ropes. We start to fear what “finished” may require or what it may imply as far as imposing on our comfort.

Realistically, many in frustration have thrown the towel in on “finished” or “fixed” so many times, they have developed another mechanism for escaping their cracked psyche. This “mech-dude” they love. Ego is his name. They adore his suave. He (ego), is so vital to folks’ survival now they could never betray him. He provides an insulated watch-post for monitoring inside and laughing at the world outside. He introduces us to a more sophisticated brand of deceiving —a lie that ain’t really a lie, if you know what I mean.

How is this possible? Simple. People love self-help books and hate group solutions in a lot of cases. Why is this so? Because folks long for significance. They can’t find it legitimately. Most’s outer world cannot bring value to them; they can’t trust its evaluations. These kind of souls learn to enjoy what they can accomplish in their own little heads. It appears more real to them; its a game they can win at. It is a playground for a phony, but even a loser can be a genius in there.

So in a nut shell the soul likes its self-fixing ability even though the repair is a camophlage at best. The ostrich put its head in the sand and we put our hand in an imaginative fabrication, self erected and “complete.” When adversity comes we rebuild. Thankfully one day God can get a person out.

God in contrast offers us “finished work.” Its a repair, nay, a complete makeover that operates aware of the “junk piled” soul. Here we have not a cover up but a “blow up” of the dichotomous, bender, elasticized, yanked wacky bungy jumping soul faculty.

See “finished work” took our ticking mainspring and enables function without vibration. Peace and calm, actual quiet and confidence, no hiding or manipulation, rest the soul. Again, “finished work” means the end of sin to hide, end of law to uphold, end of a salvation to maintain. In fact everything that kept my soul bouncing, gyrating, jumping, squirming, and reacting has been finished off once and for all.
In conclusion how does it happen? Well the Finished Work was accomplished on a cross of bloodshed by Jesus our Savior. It has no effect however without the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He apples it all to my soul, yes, the crucifixion, yes the blood, yes the resurrection. The new “Christ’s own” faculties become mine, the old “my own” equipment is judged and drained of impetus. 
By the Spirit we know all things in 1 John 2:20, and are guided into all truth. The life of Christ is imparted to my soul by the The Spirit in my spirit. The standard of finished work is lifted up, the new heart, the mind of Christ, the emotions of Christ, God consciousness and the will of the Father also. Finally, a graced conscience and regenerated person fill out the new man.  Thank you Lord


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