Predictions and Faith; they Work Together

So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. James 2:12

What is this perfect Law of Liberty?”…the genuine ability of a living creature to manifest its whole nature, to do and be itself — most unrestrainedly.”

Where resides this Perfect Law of Liberty? “…the law of liberty is that which issues from the tendencies of a man’s own nature inwardly filled with God.”

“Look at Christ, and see it in perfection. His was the freest life man that ever lived. Nothing could ever bind Him. He walked across old Jewish traditions, and they snapped like cobwebs.” Phillips Brooks, The Candle of the Lord.

Likewise, the Spirit-filled believer looks into “the perfect law of liberty, and continues therein — ” (James 1:25). He keeps the free posture, he operates freely.

“He has a little mirror in his soul that keeps reflecting the nature of God in His precise essence. Doctrine (God’s Word),  has formed that mirror. When he needs something, the mirror reveals it to him as it reflects Christ’s nature through the living Word. It is the Word written on his heart: the same Word he has eaten from God’s magnificent table of grace.””Dr. Carl H. Stevens on James 1:25

So, in the sphere of liberty, assurance is restored to man in its human function, and faith-operation (making invisible things visible), regathers as the normal way of a man.

Lisa Barrett is a psychologist and neuro scientist who has studied the normal functions of brain and body. On emotions, she believes emotions are in fact constructed. She maintains, “emotions are not reactions to the world.” “…the emotions you experience and perceive are not an inevitable consequence of your genes.” But, “in every waking moment, your brain uses past experience, organized as concepts, to guide your actions and give your sensations meaning.”

She says much more,

“trapped in the skull, with only past experiences as a guide, your brain makes predictions.” “your brain is always predicting…predicting your body’s energy needs…etc. etc.”

“through prediction, your brain constructs the world you experience.”

Does this sound like faith? Perhaps prediction plus assurance equals faith?

Though Barrett says much more, lets stop here.

  • First, It seems that we mentally and emotionally are way more active than the culture wants us to believe.
  • Second, No, we are not subject to some evolutionary man, stamped with universal equipment, groping our way through life.
  • Third, Instead, the God-created man was made to function in complete freedom and with a life of faith — Faith that substantiates (assures), things hoped for, illuminates things not seen. Hebrews 12:1

Friends, we access our Creator’s redemption and restoration, we pattern His image and likeness, live in the light of His countenance, and then we encounter our world with creative faith-predictions, in an assurance of the ultimate experience to follow. This is the way of redeemed mankind.

Lastly, can we make a mistake in predicting? Again from Lisa Barrett, “Prediction errors are not problems.”” They’re a normal part of the operating instructions of your brain as it takes in sensory input.” “When prediction errors occur, the brain can resolve them…change the prediction… or, filter the sensory input.”

The first way demonstrates honesty, the second way, dishonesty. This “mistaking” creates a huge problem for many.

Folks think, if God is working in my faith/predictions how can He be wrong?

The answer seems to be that predicting and correcting-predictions are one and the same — faith. Remember, faith is a continual process and not just a one time happening. When things do not go well, we keep going. Its not over yet.

Finally, the Bible teaches, “we go from faith to faith.” Keep hearing the Word, faith will come. The key: keep looking in that perfect law of liberty, continue therein, and you shall be blessed in your deeds. Your life will flow.  love ya




  1. Scott Kursch said:

    Incredible and amazing. I’ve never commented before, but I can’t stop re-reading, and letting the law of liberty description, sink in deeper and deeper. Not liberty to be ruled by emotional response, but responding by faith, based on received doctrine, empowered by the filling of the Holy Spirit, in my moment by moment encounter with the world around me, or by the “hand I get dealt”. Seems necessary, to live above my circumstances. THANKS !

    November 1, 2018
    • pt s said:

      Thanks Scott, I keep learning more about it.

      November 2, 2018
  2. Leah said:

    I love you, P Tom, and hearing from you … but I don’t like that woman…she’s too noisy.♥️

    November 7, 2018
  3. Leah said:

    I love your portion a lot, P Tom… but I sure don’t like that woman… she is way too noisy♥️

    November 7, 2018
    • pt s said:

      Noisy in what way?

      November 8, 2018

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