Opposition a diligent search

So the opposers, careful and
calculated, return with some smashing outside maneuvers. Another
go-at-it brings up the question of natural law and Civil law. The
cliches begin “so you are teaching people they don’t have to follow
laws” The ‘end around’ insinuates ‘grace’ is the equivalent of anarchy.
Boldly expressed, the latest maneuver messes with the mind. In the eyes
of the competition, grace people always rebel against societal order.
        Lets think about why this is not true. In a
good way, ‘control’ is an important concept here. A secret to the
healed soul finds a person stepping out of a wounded soul via yielding to
Holy Spirit-control. Not Law-control or self-control but Spirit-control eliminates the nonsense.
              In Proverbs 16:32 we see the principle of ruling
our spirit. This in the Hebrew also carries the meaning “become like”
our spirit.  So, I rule by becoming like my human spirit and this implies
allowing my spirit reign in me. I happily and simply relinquish my
rights to my God-endowed inner life, and give them to Him.
             What can I
expect in becoming like my spirit? God- consciousness is one thing.
With it I get God-influence in spirit activation. I perceive my spirit
to be a glove for God’s hand. God cannot fit any glove, but my human spirit
esses,(exists), the very form accommodating The Holy Spirit. Essentially
my spirit postures,(poses), the capacity which God fills.
              When God
abides in my glove, I get His essence activating my faculties. When I
exhibit glove- like qualities, He shows up in my glove. A glove humbly
waits for animation; it refuses to self-animate, think about it. This is the application
of the cross to my imposing old sin nature. When it self animates, it steps out of its design as a
glove and God must wait now. But when spirit ,(glove), lingers, invites,
and opens up to another, The Spirit vivifies.
             Proverbs lists these
for the human spirit: not whipped by social perverseness, moral
pervertedness, melancholia, fear, vexation. These are the negatives and
hinderers and others exist. The glove cannot remain a glove with all
these or any one of them. The soul’s frustrations must give way to the
Teacher, Restrainer, Comforter, and Quickener.
             When God fills the
glove as The Holy Spirit, all negatives are bottled up in the spirit.  A
broken spirit cannot be lifted, but a rejoicing heart remedies.
Hindering negatives get forsaken. This is how we deal with them. We
forsake them. We may want to have them handled medicinally. No. Forsake
them for God essence and healing will take over.
             Let’s think of an
example of this. The Spirit is a Comforter but an individual can’t seem
to get comfort. They pray for comfort and long for comfort but none may
come. These folks can only get comfort by turning away from their need
for comfort, which makes them self-analyze. Now I turn away from self to
the Comforter.
             So to summarize, can we see how mere laws and
regulations, while they own a place, cannot be enough for the government
of a person’s soul? A simple prohibition is enough? I don’t know about
you but, I often already know what not to do. How to do the positive
thing eludes me and creates major frustration. It requires thought, it
requires maybe creative thought. My faculties must be enjoined and

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