Creating Love / Heart Creators

On the Danube River

Create? Imagination and what else? Materials are necessary but so is glue. Thoughts and words must meld in a way that has continuity and also sensible relatedness. There needs to be permanence, stability, link, no interruption. Abstractions? Unless somehow connected to sanity, these are illegitimate in my opinion. Why? Because any idiot can build oblivion by non-thinking, but true creativity requires a mind applied, inspired, with vision. It is constructive and not destructive.

Reflections are interesting as they expose the negative side of a positive. For example, wholesomeness reflects as decadence on the pessimistic side, decency becomes immodesty, integrity becomes fragmentation, and benevolence becomes offensiveness. Cmon, friends, you want to uglify beauty and call that art? Instead, let’s turn it around and beautify something hideous; now that’s creativity!

See, true creativity requires some givens, namely love. The higher the degree of love involved and understood, the more advanced is the handiwork. The intangible dark side avails more powerfully natural and easier than love, however, it requires no discovery, no origination, no think-up — just a reaction-born sarcasm with embittered emotions, channeled onto the screen, canvas, or instrument. (Or, out of the mouth toward the unsuspecting victim.)

You ever wonder why there are so few new cuss words? Because cussers are only gathered with other cussers and their all-included vocabulary limits to derogations? Love starts a narrow way but eventuates broadly, while; hate starts wide and then gets really tight. Haters live off of their “friends” while lovers live to make true friends. Paradoxically, the hypocritical haters continue to exist largely because of the efforts of lovers, as love-creators abide to keep alive and nurse the haters to the health of love. Haters hate lovers while lovers love haters. Wow!

So where do we go from here? — to the recesses of inventive brain-wrack, meditation’s best effort? –draining obscure drops of concentrated love-extract? Yes, nothing less. See, love finds ways, thinks deeper, prays to the God who is Love, seeks that Spirit, the teacher of love. Love creations take time, must be worked at, require our very soul, our heart. Love liberates itself from all impositions, manipulations, coercion, and well-meaning advises, to find its true spring, pure willingness. Nothing less is love. For this reason love believes all things, hopes all things, never fails.

Love’s ways are carefully used or omitted; now an identifying gesture, an embrace then, a phone call, or perhaps a gift. A shoulder, an ear, a hand hold, a touch of love can be right for this one — a consideration of a heart’s desire, a giving of space, sensitivity, a kind word. Encouragement of preciseness, edification of deliberateness, heart-felt praise without flattery, and, as Love guides we speak truth, in love.

Perhaps we plan a right setting; over a meal, at the game, after church, in the car. Our mind is given to it, our heart breathes it, it is important. We need the spontaneous too — words of forgiveness, thank-you, “I’m sorry, so good to see you, can you forgive me?” Love instructs us, guides us, fuels us and loves through us. O let it be the core of every message, the soul of every interchange, the root of every plan.

In closing, people forsake things beautiful as ugly deeds and words conjure up their downside. They shriek at first but familiarize themselves with the pigpen. “It’s not so bad,” they rationalize. Later they are closer to death, they want out, or determine hell. They cannot see good. Some must be “true” to themselves. They spew, they spit, they defile, they revenge. They kill and maim as they “create” with dung. They are artists of the abyss. Other “Abyssers” applaud them.

Finally, can we create fear-expellers, multitude of sin coverers, things never-failing, and heart hope-makers? Can we invent words that pull out, deliver, persuade or simply be-friend? Can we make love’s foundation a platform for unity, cooperation, give and take, mutual caring, and prayer for one another. Bask in His love unconditional, lavish yourself, and learn its wisdom, its communion. Then create, create, create, for the lovely and unlovely no matter. Love the Word, don’t be offended, and Love mercy, God delights in it. Love created us and holds us in His arms. He won’t ever let us go. Never let go of Him. love ya

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