What Do I Say?

Brain-dead, stumped, with empty-headed stupor, I shiver and slap the side of my ear—a futile hope-to-jar-something-loose ritual.

I dig deep, but words are not surfacing into consciousness.

I scratch aggressively only to overturn more substance-forsaken fragments.

“useless to inquire at the bank of ‘rationale,’ nothing of logic answers this event.” It doesn’t make any difference. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

A nephew is paralyzed and in a coma after attempting to take his own life and the family calls.

A dear friend gets a report that they have 6 months to live. There are no words of comfort, there are no answers. But we must talk, we must call back! Is there a hidden spring of wisdom, applied knowledge, or heavenly utterance to tap? O, The moment requires supernatural help, at the very least.



Verily, answers don’t come because the only explanation seems to exist in the sphere of making a judgment. We fear to go there and so we speak in our denial; “there can be nothing positive to say here.” We realize that frankly we have nothing but human kindness to depend on and that is a place which we have not developed.


The question is, can we be moved to find, in us, the impossible?

—the realm of care, kindness, holding, helping, or comforting action gives the impression of being so far away now.

In a split second the tough questions pose;

  1. “Do I want to hug someone in need?”
  2. ‘Do I want to step out of my comfort zone and love a brother?”
  3. ” Do I have time to caress a hurting child, a weeping mother, an angry father.”
  4. “Can I do it?”
  5. Of course we care, but enough to ignore our lack and put legs on our heart’s panting?
  6. Do we have an ear to listen to sobbing sentence fragments at this time?


“Do love and grace and mercy and compassion with peace, currently sound like an enormous demand?”

“Annoyances, all annoyances;  tired of the depredations, the robberies, the looting and plundering of ploys of darkness!?” “Are we not sick of the obstinacy of men; thick chinned, and stiff upper lipped defiance of God’s order and harmony?”

“Are we, duh; happy to watch others keep banging their heads against the bricks and then doing it again?”

Let’s back off. Anger does not help here —neither does reaction or fear or judging.


Though we doubt, we must realize that we, (yes, me and you), are God’s best answer for this precise moment.

We were ordained for this day. We represent the Friend that loves at all times, the Brother born for adversity. He is counting on our mind, our lips, our hands, our body, and entire expression to display His hope, His faithfulness, His unconditional love. He promises to draw near in our availability. Thank you Jesus!

The Lover of our soul calls to us out of the dark dew of morning, “come away my love, come away.” An inward world of peace awaits; a paradise, a garden of Eden, a world without end. A heaven of no beginning and no ending presents itself, we can go. There, all is love, all is joy, all is favor; there is no strife, there is no disfavor.

In closing, I am accepted here, I am cherished. He is ravished with little me, and greatly desires my beauty; the very beauty of His own Son is reflected in me. There is no shrinking back here, no inhibition, no blush of shame, no shyness. “I am what I am by the grace of God, and I labored more than them all,” shouted Paul. And, “yet not I, but the grace of God that was in me.” We are the same.

So, at Ziglag David encouraged himself in the Lord, God was faithful to his beloved David; his heart was after God. All lost was recovered. So, to you also. love ya



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