Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down.

Walls build in a person’s soul and strong emotions make em stand.

We have the wall of:

  1. self rejection,
  2. the wall of indifference,
  3. the wall of denial and
  4. the wall of emotional instability.
  5.  the wall of social pressure,
  6. the wall of a poor self image
  7. the wall of self-pity and others etc.

What do these walls do?

  • Keep things in.
  • Keep things out..

A human must realize that he or she is a god. No way! — O yes, small ‘g‘. And the Bible says so in Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34.

A god creates his or her own world, and so do we.

Walls  establish the boundaries of the world they have created.

Walls  protect the self-designed value system, personal priorities and world-view etc.

Foreign intrusions from within and without  expand the system to include or exclude them. The inward development fortifies the walls.

Then we meet some real-world antagonists who differ with our world –we  hope our walls will hold up. The confrontations weaken or strengthen the walls.

Often, the weirder the world built, the stronger the walls. This is because “weird” cannot stand against “un-weird.”  Head on , “wierd” props up its weird self with emotions and rationalization.

 What collapses these systems?



Usually not  outward opposition; wall strength is too great. The power of an emotional/subjective edifice is rarely shaken.

They self-destruct because of their weak selection of building materials.

  • required constitutional strength of the final product.
  • the enormous ego of the god doing the building.

These big-egoed gods are creative and sincere — they see themselves as a model for other world builders.

They offer a system of “psychology” to assist other gods.  Sorry! The 2 by 4″s are rotten inside and the cement has air pockets.

So, when the indestructible substance of truth is sacrificed for generics; well —

  1. a determined will,
  2.  deep rooted emotions,
  3. a worldly wise rationale
  4. a searied conscience

…all combine to strengthen their protective bent for the final battle.

There is inevitable confrontation.

Truth becomes the antagonist. The “fat-boy” emotions expand, (They rant and spit). Rationale waxes  “profound,” and conscience has no inhibitors.

No god can stand in his self made sphere alone for long,

instead all gods must submit to the true design of a man,

and be united to the only true God of heaven.


  • will the emotional walls come down for lack of functional use.
  • will the comfortable, convenient, self invented and often sincere doctrinal systems be exposed a sham.

Politicians erect walls of strong feeling to prop up their lying agenda, but they cannot win on the level of truth and reason.

Joshua marched the people around walls, which fell, as predicted by God. (Large G). Their sentimental backward look to Egypt was no more. Their emotional faith-inhibiters collapsed and God said cursed is any who rebuilds it.

Fantasy universes go down here and subjectivity disintegrates at the mere display of objective truth.

Folks, we have a sure Word of Prophesy and it is the Bible. This Word is a word of grace, a word of truth, a word which perfectly fixes a man in his defective design. It redeems, it heals, it delivers and saves. There are no substitutes. This Word stands all alone without support and is composed of indestructible substance. It doesn’t require propping up.

Jesus came to proclaim liberty to the captives, to give sight to the blind, to open the prison house, to bind up the broken hearted. His Word is a word to restore men’s dignity, so let’s go in by the door of the sheep and not climb up some other wall. Love ya.


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  1. Pastor Sliva, this is amazingly timely, I would love to rap this one out, could you email me at: Kevin_In_Christ@yahoo.com for a time we could meet or call me at: 1.443.903.6773, Thanks , In His Agápé, Kevin Vandiver

    April 11, 2013

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