The Children

Any man, redeemed or other, can recognize the following possibilities:

  1. Knowing that I am different — I can isolate myself from others.
  2. Recognizing that others are different — I am suspicious of others, I can deceive others. I can meet my own needs,
  3. Free will — I can resist the devil, but, I can resist God.
  4. I can choose what will influence me — spirit or sense.

Oswald Chambers expounds in his book, “Biblical Psychology,”  these soul powers. Expansion, contraction, and rotation are three. From these headings we have seven subtitles,

  • “self-comprehending, (discerning where I leave off and the other person begins).
  • stretching beyond self, (imagination).
  • self-living (will),”
  • spirit penetrated, (a soul has this capability).
  • stirred sensually (soulishly) or spiritually,
  • speaking spirit thoughts,
  • sum total of unity.”

Fundamental abilities, these, of course, require further explanation;

they function one way in the unredeemed person, as above describes,

but differently in the redeemed.

When redeemed, our souls, filled with God’s Spirit:

  1. oppose sinfulness, sinful craving and sinful passionateness.
  2. oppose secularity, (Godless norms and standards)
  3. oppose worldly thoughts and bondage.
  4. oppose all that is not “wisdom from above.”listed in James 3:13

All taken from Oswald Chambers, “Biblical Psychology.”

So, what’s the point?

Since Chambers gives plenty of Scriptures to verify his observations, they ring true. Although we still live with a fallen nature, we can opt for our new Spirit controlled nature, and daily choose life. We can choose “wisdom from above which is first ” pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” James 3:13

What’s this wisdom mean? Because of Jesus’ atonement on the Cross here’s my paraphrase:

  1. there is no condemnation
  2. Our soul is joined in peace, and we join others to God.
  3. We have a message of the Reconciliation purchased at Calvary.(Heaven is accessible, as is The Father.)
  4. We emphasize our common humanity.
  5. We have compassion.
  6. We have love as a supreme motivator.
  7. We don’t magnify our distinctions.
  8. We refrain from cheating, lying, deceiving, manipulating, defaming etc. etc.

“Hypocrisy” means play acting, literally “judging under” while putting on a virtuous mask for the public.

Have we seen any of this?

Susan Heitler PhD shows insight at  psychologytoday 

“If toddlers want a car or doll that another child is playing with, they are likely to reach out and take the item. Most preschoolers get mad or cry multiple times every day, even if they are basically well-nurtured and happy kids. The rules of adult play, like taking turns or not grabbing, have not yet begun to shape their behavior. Youngsters do not act in a consistently civil manner because they have not yet internalized the rules of “civilized” adults.”

She lists 10 traits:

  1. Emotional escalations: Young children often cry, get mad, or outwardly appear petulant and pouting.
  2. Blaming: When things go wrong, young children look to blame someone.
  3. Lies: When there’s a situation that’s uncomfortable, young children might lie to stay out of trouble.
  4. Name-calling: Children call each other names.
  5. Impulsivity—or as therapists say, “poor impulse control”:
  6. Need to be the center of attention:
  7. Bullying
  8. Budding narcissism:  “It’s all about me.” In the eyes of a narcissist, no one else counts; if they don’t get their way, they may result to pouting or bullying in order to do so.
  9. Immature defenses: …denial: “I didn’t say that!” or “I never did that!”
  10. No observing ego—that is, no ability to see, acknowledge, and learn from their mistakes:

I must say this with compassion, as a fellow human-being, I want to stay in childhood as much as Peter Pan — but with Paul I must say:

 “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”1 Corinthians 13:11

Friends, never forget it:  our Christian Faith, a life of dependence on Another, makes Men.  Grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We will learn to live from Above with wisdom and grace. Love ya

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