Storage Bins

Storage bins: they hold stuff. They serve best when dry, unbroken. Where many accumulate, markings identify each…maybe they are color-coded or tagged. These bins survive in protected cargo space.

I worked a small warehouse once, primarily because I lacked production side skills. My job was to label and categorize things previously “hit and miss.” In my case, this meant putting steel with steel, or copper with copper. Sometimes I put red with reds, and yellow with yellows. I took boxes of arbitrary screws or nails and sorted them, marked them, and placed them in individual jars on shelves. I threw out a lot of useless junk.

Indexing and making things readily accessible to the
production engineers started saving time on their projects. I so enjoyed the job. An outside business evaluater complimented my work, and encouraged me about how vital it was to the company. Nevertheless, she said, most employers cannot afford to pay a person to do it. It doesn’t project on the assembly line flow chart. It doesn’t compute dollars-per-hour-wise.

An example of this idea of “orderliness” comes to mind. In addition to the warehousing, my boss, a wise man, resisted his critics and shut down the building of things for a half a day a week. It turned into “clean and organize time”. Yes, even his line workers participated. A rare administrator, he knew how to prepare the disposition of his workers.

Next point; we observe a similar harmony and cohesion in a computer as it stores information. Computers are systematized. Their arranging makes a computer what it is. Everybody knows that a PC has a no value unless segments of info can be recalled randomly.

Human heart-brains continue the picture of this “coordination” scheming. Awesomely, for us believers, the Spirit of God works the warehouse. He does the line upon line organizing and handles the right of entry to a precise bin of stored truth. The larger amount of faith-substance stockpiled, the more harmonizing is required. The Spirit is apt for the task.  A disorganized mind has little value.

When a brain-directory keeps material-categories consistently refreshed; separated by labels to be retrieved ; these wax into established values for us. They become 5 loaves and 2 fish multiplied back to us many times over. The pots of oil are endlessly full. So, by upkeep; renovation, refreshing, and renewal, the important goal of maintaining the integrity of every, every, every segment of eternal-Bible info, is realized. The rubbish of gray-area dis-knowledge vanquishes with The Spirit’s careful maintenance. 

So what are we saying? Knowledge benefits a person only if it becomes accessible, (packaged uniquely for usability), —drawn out at the brain-ATM whenever necessary. If we carefully package Bible knowledge with the Spirit, it goes way beyond facts of life, general info, empirical observation or rationale. It becomes Spirit taught wisdom.

Every storage space corner is critical to the whole.
Partial supplies of Bible-substance leave many without vital categories for recalling in certain situations. For this reason, we cannot be one-dimensional believers, or find a pet doctrine to fellowship with all the time. “I have not shunned to declare unto you the full council of the Word of God,” says Paul. No aspect of God’s nature can be neglected.

In summary, this picture of harmony and unity carries over into the realm of the visible Body of Christ on the earth today. See, in error we compare ourselves to the other members. Not wise! This practice destroys our “member in particular” status. Every member is distinctive and accepted. Never is our identity in degrees of religious status. Instead, each stand before The Father alone; righteous, accepted, irreplaceable and valued. We are every one personally and intimately loved of the Savior.

Back at the job, when the work was particularly strained on the line, our boss would get us into the lounge, relax us with food and beverage and also with jokes, stories and general clean fun-making. When we were laughing again we resumed the labor. Challenges or strain may get us focusing on the guy or gal in the next cubicle. Are they doing their job, etc.? Our boss knew the value of a restful, organized, unfrantic, undriven, sharp and quieted team-soul. Thank God.

Finally, let us meditate on these things (God’s Word), give ourselves wholly unto them, that our profiting may appear to all is what Paul prescribed. Let us look diligently lest any man fail the grace of God and a root of bitterness spring up. James tells us to gaze into the perfect law of liberty, and continue therein, not forgetful hearers but doers of the work of faith-believing —this man shall be blessed in his deeds. Commending ourselves unto the words of His grace, we get built up. Grace, sweet grace, enables me and you to say Abba Father, all by ourselves. His evaluation of you and me is a gift of love. We can let it overflow on others. Love ya
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