Memory is defiled when something of a snare resides in it. For example, if I have in remembrance a sin or failure, this stumbles my function today. My question for me remains, “What part of ‘blotted out’ do I not understand? 

Well, my big-shot memory feels that it must keep my big-stuff secure, for the purpose of big-recall in case I need to defend my big-self, or “set the big-record straight.” Sorry, I got carried away with big-me.

The problem is I may feel the need to place the blame on the right person, myself or other; after all, I must be honest. Yeah, right! “I must show my sincerity, after all, I have to ‘man up’ and eat my fate. I have made my bed so now I must sleep in it.” —excuse me while I regurgitate.

Frankly, “forgetting” has become a chore, and bucks up against my big-boy “integrity” which reeks with pride, and stinks of false-humility. Folks “sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under the law but under grace.” have you read Romans 6:14? “Well thus is all well and good, we say, but I have to live in the ‘real’ world, where I need a guidance system.” “My stuff, my intuition, my sharp memory, my fact based evaluaters; all, make up my ‘superior’ discernment tools; after all, I am not stupid. I need hand railings for my own safety and protection.”

Really? When do we start to obey the Bible? When do we begin “forgetting what is past —pressing on to what is before.” When do we assign a status to past sin, but also honor, privilege, award, gifts, compliments, and call them all “dung?” When do we obey the vital Words of God when He says, “I will not remember your sins?” “I have blotted them out as a thick cloud.” Does this mean anything to us? “Cast them behind My back,” explains what? “Into the depths of the sea,” “as far as the east is from the west;” anything shakin?

So, we say, ”I can’t forget.” Let’s think about it this way: close and lock your back door at night or all manner of thieves and critters will find easy access. Why is it that we have to get bit by the snake or robbed blind to get shook? Friends, with our scandalous memory we are already being robbed from a fellowship with God and a ministry to our fellow men.

Forgiveness means to forget, don’t buy the B.S. The blood of Christ cleanses the conscience. “If we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and ‘cleanse’ us from all unrighteousness.” Hebrews 10:3 speaks of “no more consciousness of sin.” The goat of Leviticus 16 took all the sins of Israel to a land “not inhabited.” 

OK, how do I do it? Revelation 2:5 says, “Therefore, remember where you were before you fell, turn from this sin, and do what you used to do before.” C. J. B. Remembering implies forgetting, and remembering things on purpose presupposes forgetting other things. “Pressing on” means forgetting things behind, and reminiscing about the precious and free times, removes us from the guilt-filled and edgy. Take back control of your thinking and then your resolve will return, now determine what verses in the Bible you will make your “yield.”

What is this “yield? “Position your attitude toward the “Obedience of Christ.” Bring every thought captive to this “Obedience of Christ.” “Behold, I have come in the volume of the book to do thy will,” was the word of our Redeemer. He set His face like flint for Jerusalem and the cross, watch Him! He suffered and died to save His people from their sin. He did it for you and He did it for me in obedience to the Father. Sins of pride, self absorption, ego, and self-over-estimate were taken to that cross as well as sex and lying. Now, see them on His dying body. “His obedience” remains for our choice.

In closing, “do this in remembrance of me,” were His words at the table. Bread; the broken Body, Blood, sprinkled on the mercy seat, covering my sins from the sight of the Father, “I remember, O Lord, I remember.”

Bring it to mind, His birth to die, His death to rise, His resurrection to ascend, His ascension to sit, and His sitting to send, through His Holy Spirit, the message of blotting out the past for us. It was for us, it was for me, it was for you. O, what shall we render to the Lord for all His benefits? Take the cup, friends, drink freely, “now you are clean, through the Word that I have spoken.” John 15:3,  love ya

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