“Guilt leaves me through my arms and hands and goes on the head of a goat or sheep.”
“Oh really? What does the guilt look like?”
“Don’t know and don’t care; must be in the form of some psychic force. Thankfully the weird power that came over me has left, just as quickly as it came.”
“Does the goat faint or falter at the receiving of it”? 
“I would say yes, and cries out as if forsaken.” 
“You must have had some big guilt.”
“Well this goat was receiving the guilt of many others too.”
“Oh! Guilt makes me feel like I don’t belong; do you think it made the goat feel that way also?”
“I guess; the goat took the guilt and was led away to a place where nobody was allowed to go.”
“Hey, goats can’t feel lonely”
“I think they are aware that they are alone, just as a pet knows rejection, and is broken.”
“Alone is a scary thing”
“Yea, like being under the bed or in the basement”
“Worse, like dying”
“I think people who are alone can become lonely and want to die.”
“To feel despised or rejected of others is like killing the insides of a person.”
“What can be worse than making a person feel like… everybody hates you?”
“That is the worst, but does the goat die out there?”
“He dies of guilt, rejection, starvation, and a broken heart.”
“Couldn’t anybody help the goat?”
“No, not allowed.”
“He is carrying all of our guilt on him, and if we find the goat, our guilt will come back on us.”
“Out of it’s head and back up the hand and arm, I suppose?”
“Yes and into my soul again.”
“We got a problem then, we don’t want the goat to die, but we don’t want our guilt to come back either.”
“We need a goat that tells us it is OK and wants to do it anyway; for us.”
“Hey, you talk to goats?”

He cared about us. Jesus dying, cared about you and me, and everybody. I cannot imagine what He felt, either physically or humanly. Love for us drove Him just as the high-priest carried twelve stones on a breastplate, entering the Holy of Holies, so our Savior carried us to the presence of the Father. We were close to His heart.

Guilt destroys what remains of a depraved and fallen human heart. Rejection resides inside of these, so loneliness, so a starving for love, so hurt and so crushing. Compassion carried Christ to our cross!

His resurrection is glorious. Our beloved conqueror lives, a triumphant display, exposing the end of guilt and its perpetrators, kicking the devil in the teeth, waving goodby to sin, pain, sorrow and death forever. Love and joy and exuberance and we shout, “once I was blind but now I see, once I was dead and now I am alive, once I was alone but now I am together gathered with the saints. Once I was rejected, but now I am accepted in the beloved, once starving, now I am full.”   Thanks for coming for us, Jesus, we love you.  

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