Getting Clearer Part II

Healing is all of this and more. Well, you might say, I was wounded when my husband left me 4 years into the marriage and I have never recovered. I had received Christ as a child and my spouse and I served Him for most of our youth years. I will never be the same.

Can I say this in a kind way; this problem, and also the problem of multitudes, is not that you were hurt at age 25. The deeper issue is that all of mankind since Adam are built out of wound-able stock. Even if reunited to the correct power source as a child, and graced with the re-gene of Jane Smith at that time, you still had a critical piercing that found and did damage to a vulnerable area of your soul.

I must by honest, and sensitive, but the part of you that was wounded here, had not yet come into its resurrected realization. The raw wound-able substructure of the psychic, emotional, conscientious functionality, as batter-able as ever, had no practical mercy-seat above it, to seal it off through the covering of blood, from it’s present manifestation. This is very real and important to understand. When the slam occurred it apparently met the stuff of tear-able flesh, experientially uncrucified material, and so caused hurt.

For this cause, a regenerated person must also submit to a process of transformation by the renewing of the mind of Romans 12:2. This must happen in a systematic and categorical way, because all not-renewed rooms of the soul are at risk still, in terms of wound-ability. A caterpillar must build and crawl into the cocoon, die, and emerge re-birthed a butterfly.
God allows penetration into these rooms and exposure of these areas for purposes of healing. We all have these kinds of areas, and many are blind spots.

Please remember that when events happen, wounding us, we haven’t lost anything in terms of family-status. Again, events are not allowed by God for the sole purpose of hurting us, but to cause us to be aware of an exposed area, and to bring it into the fold of the permanently healthy. So, the importance of your wounding at age 25, is that it brings to our attention the bigger problem; until we die we will have to deal with areas of fallen flesh.
For this reason God will allow circumstances, relationships, and our enemy to discover our weakness again and again. Every wound is a graphic reminder to us of raw material “in process but not quite finished yet,” or it could be perceived as a graphically convincing lie; “nothing really ever happened when I got connected”. We must remember; our enemy opposes our healing at the core, by always trying to re-establish the lie of the old identity.

This may seem too simplistic to you, however, if we believe this, we can see that to rewire the box with eternity-bearing-conduit is of great, great value. Just dealing with wounds as they come, will only keep me at the status-quo of never really getting healed. The exception is: they are dealt with in the right way and healing is accomplished.

The right way then to handle my present day hurts is to focus on God’s never-ending healing process, (Psalm 107: 20), through His Word and never de-focus. (we focus on the healing made complete, and the continued focus heals us in a process) The same process heals the defined wounds of our experience by taking us out of the world of wound-ability.
Let me illustrate again—a person is hurt in a relationship through separation by death or divorce etc. Well, in heaven all separation is brought into unity and the memory of the past is wiped away. Would we agree? Well, God’s new building program promises to create future heaven in my soul today, uniting my soul in the forgiveness of a much higher life! This allows me to forget, until actual heaven makes its future appearance. Faith allows me to live in future perfection today!

The final and all important stage is the walking. This is but a discovery of who and what this new created me has become, and proceeding accordingly in it. We do who we are, is the proper order. First the connection, then the affirming realization of it through continuance in it’s healing process, then the natural outcome of it’s resurrected life; this is what heals.Thank you Jesus!

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  1. These two posts are loaded with multilayered truth. There is so much here to take in.

    The picture left in my mind after reading them both for the second time was of cast placed around a broken bone. The Biblical structure provides a way for that which is broken to be protected and supported during the healing process.

    Thank you for posting this.

    March 7, 2013
    • tsliva said:

      Thanks P.Alan, your comment is well taken. I humbly realize that my point of view in these recent posts comprises both Biblical truth and personal experience. Hope it helps someone. thanks1

      March 7, 2013

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