Fun — God’s Joy Restored.

Are we having fun yet? In the generation in which we find ourselves living, wholesome fun seems to have been given a secondary role. Indeed, serious issues dominate our headlines — no one says that they are not. However, at what point is fun to be shelved and straight facedness to be donned permanently? If gone, will fun ever return or has it seen it’s final quash? Is fun done? These questions must find their answers in the nature of God Himself, His creation of Men in His likeness, and also in His redemption of our fallen human race.

Websters on Fun  : 1 what provides amusement or enjoyment — specificallyplayful often boisterous action or speech 2: a mood for finding or making amusement. 3a: AMUSEMENT, ENJOYMENT

On “joy” “The validation of earthly joys and the grateful acceptance of them is grounded in the Biblical doctrine we affirm in the “Creed” when we call God, “Maker of heaven and earth.” J. A. Pike

Pike implies that God’s earth and all creation cannot exhume sadness but joy only.

Peter talks of joy, “unspeakable and full of glory.”

Carl H. Stevens, says that when problems come, “We need only to be humble and have fun exercising faith under grace to discover the solution.” “As we grow in godliness, we can have fun reflecting His divine nature. Every trial gives us an opportunity to reflect Him.” “… everything we call “fun” that people like to do is not wicked.”


Of course we must mention sin, “All sin partakes of the character of the first sin, ‘and the serpent said unto Eve, ye shall be as gods.'” Because of this potential, mankind affirms “wrong proportion, wrong loyalty, distorted purposes. ” Pike again.

Friends, “there is a way that seems right to a man..”

Assuming what Pike says is true, we must surmise; there gets too much of our fallen nature into our decisions and actions — the nature that masquerades in man to “direct our steps.” But we know all too well, “its not in a man that walks to direct his steps.” Jeremiah 10:23

Friends, the safety net of a person with weak capacity, (me), will often opt for the enemy of faith — is it safe? When I view my issues dis-proportionately, love, joy, peace, (spirituality), take a back seat. A bent out of shape, disparate, often driving spirit takes the helm, demands all of my loyalty, creating a “cause” which allows my purposes to go distorted — in short, “are we having fun yet?” is indeed a joke in itself.

Dr. Stevens tells the story,

” …a lady had a deep desire to have a child. Finally she had a child, but at the age of two and a half, the child was rushed to the hospital and died. As a result, the woman never wanted another child, though her husband did. She was deeply wounded, hurt, and deeply opposed to the one she loved before it happened—God.
This woman was a nurse in the hospital, and she made it very clear that she did not want to work on the pediatrics unit. One weekend when many of the staff were out sick, her supervisor assigned her to the children’s unit, saying, “You’re going to have to work pediatrics today. Everyone else is sick.” She said, “No.”
The supervisor glared at her and said, “You’ll work in pediatrics or you’re fired.” When she got to the unit, there was an eight or nine-year-old child who had been unconscious and supposedly was going to die. That nurse walked into the room reluctantly. She hated being in that room, and, of course, the child’s mother didn’t know what she had been through. Suddenly, the girl woke up! Supernaturally, as though she had never been sick and after being unconscious for several days, she spoke: “Oh, I was having such a good time, and I have to come back here?”
The nurse was shocked. This child had died. Now, awake, she continued to speak: “The person I was with all that time was my friend. She told me to come back and tell somebody it’s okay to have another child, and to let them know that she is in heaven.” This is a literal account, documented by a secular journalist.”

God got her fun back. How about ours? love ya

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