Between a Rock and a Hard place

Have you ever counseled the strong willed man? Not a chance of turning him. Bent, deeply bent, its like trying to lasso a rhino. Regardless, everything in a man’s heart will be on the table one day. For this cause man would be better off, by exposure to God’s Word, to keep a not so naive, but rather a “what’s in there” inventory.

However, not on purpose he might have repressed the stuff right out of his “aware” ability. It might be a blind spot. No problem for God. Circumstances designed specifically for this cause will unearth it all, O unwelcome thought!

To our advantage, when God performs this “suppressed frame uncovering” we can ascertain the force of the barbaric inner man; especially one lacking restraints —powerful. Like a dam let loose, it smashes walls and trees and banks. Raucously causing ruckus behind and before, no jars can contain it. Have you seen it?

In His mercy, God desires to show men this “juggernaut within” while there remains a chance for them. It can be tamed yet. O thank you, it must be. But, drawn up and emancipated, the geyser may blow. Am I surprised at this event? Mostly embarrassed.

So, with the same kind of disregarding upheaval are  worldly usurpings on their own scale of flooding torrent. No caution, no considerations, no sympathy, and sensitivity Nada; the Cosmos barges in and presses, and yes, overpowers, steamroller style. It’s a power play, a coop, rights of men are overrun.

The Restrainer, yes, the precious Holy Spirit of God holds back a barrage of judgement. If not, woe are we, we are undone. How hold’s He back the surge? By ultimate authority, it is affirmed by Him; yes, by legal jurisdiction, hell is neutralized. A standard gets precedence, of truth; the documents unfurled, the record sets itself straight.

Has their been a shift of power? Yes, by the “Stronger than he.” See, one day the big ugly display of fierce and filthy hatred and jealousy killed the wrong man. This man was the “Stronger than he,” —He was the Son of God. Folks, “Big Ugly” was guarding his palace, and his goods were in peace, but in an array of strength and defense, miscalculated badly. The Son was carrying the depraved self life of every human from Adam on, and all infected inner-selves died as He willingly gave His life.

Hatred killed its “foot in the door” of every man’s soul and we inherited the restraining armor. With this mail-coat of truth and righteousness, this uniform of light, we shine brightly in a darkened universe. A helmet of salvation finished the dickering, the shield of faith perpetuates the victory, a sword offends usurpers, and spiked feet walk above the traps to share the good news.
So, did you know, fellow beneficiaries, that “no weapon formed against thee can prosper”? No matter how disgusting the show, how embarrassing the display, or how overpowering the attack, God loves you, God loves you, and God will never stop loving you. And just as things turned for the good in the battle of eternity, they will turn for you, too. 

Don’t be overawed with your own ugly moments either. We will have this sin-nature potential, though judged, till we go on to be with Jesus. Just thank God for His enormous gift of redemption, salvation and deliverance and go on.   Love Ya

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