Behind the Times

I was cussed out by a small truck driver for going too slow. Sorry! I tried to make a purchase on the internet, but could not figure out how. Sorry! I tried to help a grieving person, but they recited the “seven stages of grief” before I could offer any Biblical help. Sorry!

I’m sorry for being old, for loving God, for wanting some peace and quiet. I’m falling behind and the world blows by.

Has-been, oldster, foggie, I get my senior coffee at MiceeDees, $ 0.85 per. I’m on blood-pressure medication and one of the “Statins.” Can’t lose any weight! My mirror broke last time I looked in, I gotta remember to put my teeth in next time.


I have something, a treasure. I already did all my running, I already paid my dues. I’ve paid my debt to society (give or take),  and have made my peace with dying.

Have You?

Let me tell you, I’m a happy man. I’m on my way to heaven friends, glory land, Beulah. I’m resting in the love of my Savior. Let the kids run, run, run. They must.

But, not everyone gets to where I am. I’m a blessed man because most of my cares are left behind.

Lastly, I thought of Moses, getting old. He fought the desert, the nay-sayers, the murmurers, and the Forty years. Now’s time for Promised Land but Moses ain’t going in. It’s like us, we fight but perhaps we don’t get the reward. No worries, we get something better, we get Him.

O I weep for any who have not found this Christ.

For them the end is painted with dismay, with pain and perhaps defeat. Tough to face, and especially at this age.

Well, it’s not too late. If you can say, “who cares” to all of your accomplishments or lack of, your successes and failures, your hopes and regrets; let go and throw yourself upon His catching arms.  He will hold you up!

Moses missed the Promised land but got to be with God Himself. Christian senior, we might wonder if anything in our life counted and we will find out soon enough, but it will not hinder our bliss; It goes forever.

pts signing off with love

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