A Transparent Man

It lurks in the recesses of a man’s heart and will surely appear when provoked by circumstance, and Job’s stuffing came out a display of abject transparency. We can say that Job’s transparency painted him badly; three acquaintances felt this, but his plight had baffled his sense of justice.

“Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, implies

  1. openness,
  2. communication, 
  3. accountability.

Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. It has been defined simply as

“the perceived quality of intentionally shared information from a sender”.[1]

“The thing about transparency is that it shows. Period. When you’re open and direct, it shows; when you’re obtuse or avoidant, it also shows.”Beth Levine writes at http://www.smartmouthcommunications.com/the-thing-about-transparency/

I say, when our junk makes it’s appearance we can’t just display it, but we must be honest about it, but…

Beth Levine says, “The bottom line with transparency is this: If something is true and real and you’re thinking it, feeling it, or wanting it, then communicate it. When a batter squares to bunt, people know what’s coming. You might as well be the leader or speaker who also lets people know what’s coming. Be straight up with information as well as with your feelings and reactions.” She teaches public speaking.

Problems epitomized Job’s transparency, however; his total honesty and forthcoming manner with his 3 friends left all baffled. He was transparent but still wrong. What happened here?

“God has a way for us to be changed and to live a victorious Christian life. God’s way begins with transparency and honesty at the Cross, not a sincere desire to do better. An honest heart is one that accepts the provisions of God’s Word and then brings forth fruit with patience toward self.” Dr. Carl Stevens, from “His Burden Is Light”


“…people compromise in their relationships. These people are filled with sentimentality, which may be defined as substituting compromise for transparency. It stems from a fear of rejection.” Dr. Carl Stevens

Sentimentality describes a person “living in emotions in a subjective relationship.”

So, a compromised person who finds ease of expressing emotions as a defense from fear of rejection? –is he transparent?

Let’s apply the definition — Is he open, communicating, and accountable? let’s quote the Bible,

“God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou might be justified in thy sayings, and might overcome when thou art judged.” Romans 3:4        “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”John 17:17

Friends openness, and communication are not enough to be transparent. We must be accountable to the truth.

When we make a purchase, we get a receipt. This makes the seller accountable.



Finally a short story from “His Burden Is Light.”

“I counseled a young girl one day who is like many other girls her age. She did some things she should not have done. Though she does not have a rebellious heart, she did not have the power to change herself. So instead of speaking harsh words of correction, I spoke soft words
from my heart. She needed to be surrounded with the love of Jesus Christ, and I said to her, “You will make it.”
During our counseling session, she made a very mature statement. After being honest about what happened, she said, “I hope I don’t do it
again.” That confession revealed integrity and transparency. She said, “I hope I don’t do it again” not, “I won’t do it again.” People with legalistic backgrounds are more likely to say, “I will never do that again,” and then they go out and do it within twenty-four hours.”

Job was sincere,  he implored God’s revelation, but did not leave room for God in his testimony. Job missed something, God’s love. He got it at the end.

Friends, without love our transparency lacks accountability. Don’t leave God’s love out, it’s the most important ingredient. please. love ya


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