What Are The Rules?

Do we have to have rules? External government or self-discipline, is that the question? Throw off restraints, or buckle under, poses the paradox? Cannot I just trust my own conscience? If so, where do I get one that guides trust-worthily? Ah, guidance; how do I stay on the right road, how about my hunches, my intuition? What is true liberty? How do I discern the right way?
In the last days we will have “lawlessness” and it will be sourced in a godless philosophy. The Bible calls the spirit of the age a “lukewarm” one, neither hot nor cold. Characteristic of this time will be moral decline but also an apostasy from true meaning and departure of generationally established values and traditions. Totalitarianism gains feet when folks leave “true upper guidance” and go with the flow of their intuitions, senses, emotions and pleasure seeking.
This spiritual and cultural phenomena, with “conformance” as its new guiding precept, departs from an insistence on true guidance, the demand for true answers, and esteeming true values only. Folks caught up in this Laodicean spirit throw integrity to the wind, they like “relativity” better, and “majority rule” dominates. Individually, persons do not exercise their senses to discern both Good and Evil, which discerning makes strong those of “full age” maturity, so says Hebrews. See, this era, “kairos” and “kronos” have forsaken the love of the truth, and mysteriously ooze dissension and iniquity. A strong delusion enables them to believe a lie.

What makes a society lose its desire to seek objective reality only? Our world does it this way — it imagines or pretends to ride the true path still. In fact, the urgent search for facts is unprecedented in this age of knowledge. These deep delvings reek of one “little” oversight. God! 

O generation, when we leave God off the front end, He doesn’t show up on the back side either. Yes we devote time to “truth”, but the empirical (sight observation) kind only. Never the non-evidential type finds serious chase, no not the realm of Spirit or even spirits is allowed to supersede “science”; though the proofs, verifications, indications, confirmations and substantiations for that realm are overwhelming, not to mention the most important; Bible revelation. We choose to depict extra-physical clues as myths or enigmatic occurrences, which are nature’s quirk. 

“We are wise,” says the Greek. Well, the foolishness of God is wiser than this one dimensional garbage! This agenda-filled, non-accountable, anti-authority, anti-Christ, posture of “sagacity extreme” will all one day explode at the shocking entrance of Truth Himself. 

In that glorious day, my friends, an eruption such as has never been seen will occur. Like a piercing through feculance, The Word of God, tried seven times in the fire; The two-edged sword, cutting, dicing, and shaking out, will suddenly eradicate all not of Truth, and leave a pile of blood. O dreadful day!

So what of rule? Psalm 32:8 gives us an answer. “I will teach and instruct you in the way that thou shalt go, I will guide thee with mine eye.” God talking. Laodicea forsakes the voice of God, the guide of our youth, and instead is run over by the wind, fire, and earthquake. But, what of the still small voice? Yea, this, and this only guides the man of God —The Logos, and Rhema; the Spirit’s personal illumination of Scripture, in my time of trouble, my occasion for definition’s need.

In closing, precious friends, there exists but one answer for my particular experience. It generalizes not, but holds precision; not kinda, but specific; not earthy sensual or demonic, but pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without hypocrisy. It meets my life as a glove meets a hand, and O it is well worth the prayer and seeking. He waits to be gracious, He will come in and sup with you, and me. When our single eye meets His guiding eye, we are safe. Amen

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