Rage to Rest with Jesus

What is lawlessness but a conscience-seared? — a moral staple of psychological human-hood denied and burnt to a crisp. The part of us which approves or disapproves us, accuses or excuses us, or simply gives an account of oneself; conscience; has been rendered caput by artificial casting off restraints? It’s fatal to sanity. Chaos floods the banks.

To do a simple self-inquiry requires this above-mentioned conscience. Seems like, this faculty’s loss would make void reflection, introspection, self-contemplation and similar activities.

Guilt originates with God; no God-no guilt. Lawlessness removes the closest thing in our soul’s repertoire to a Supreme Ruler. In doing that, Lawlessness subtly attempts to counterfeit a God-given, bloody cross purchased, guilt removing redemption; creating false liberty and leaving out the vital element, Christ.

How does it? Its utensil is a hot iron. With this devise one burns off a fingerprint, brands a steer, or cauterizes a wound. It renders an object insensitive, stops the activity of life-blood flow in and through it. The conscience no longer corroborates evidence for the mind to do the discriminating, good or bad.

Enter the Law of Moses. To what end? “That sin might appear exceedingly sinful.” Why? So the con-artist scruple-eraser might lose its burn. The good and holy Law of God stifles the insanity of unbridled decadence. How can it but by re-establishing the “blueprint for humans” from the Human-Creator, undeniable, and straight from heaven? We have a deterrent now. The inherent sinfulness of man is re-exposed.

So the problem of raging sin holds itself in check temporarily by law, but we have another problem. The Law itself excites sin, and the strength of sin is said to be in the Law, 1 Corinthians 15.  Go figure. Sin ain’t done yet, fellows. The Law proves weak through the flesh, Romans 8:2.

I hope there is more. Yes, thankfully yes. We have so far seen sin, the wrestling with sin, the unrestraining of sin, the re-exposure of sin and the re-invigoration of sin. Sin in the human race has become quite a nuisance. 

But, next is the blotting out, the annihilation of sin itself, the effective removal, the judgment thereof. This planned course of God alone, originated with God alone, was executed by God’s only Son, and is revealed to hearts by The Holy Spirit. Praise Jesus.

Thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly done, once and for all, sin died as our Sin-bearer carried it death-ward. He did not come down, He did not despise shame, He did not succumb to the pain. No, He died; pause, and sin with Him. At the cross, His glory bore our shame, at the cross, He suffered in our place, He gave everything for us, at the cross.

Now, we face the raging sea; we face the flood of enemy framing. A standard is raised as that cross was raised back then. No condemnation! Who can deliver me from this body of death? I thank God, through Jesus Christ! Oh rest, O my soul!

“When The Lord turned the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.” Psalm 126:1. When Jesus addressed the storm at sea, He used, “peace, be muzzled.” When He dealt with Legion he was thus “sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind.” Yes, it seems a dream.

In closing, lets not underestimate the raging self, Neither the tendency to throw off restraints. Lets not think that Law alone can do the job, nor religious duty. It will incite you more. But Calvary; toward it our Redeemer, Savior; our only answer for sin set His face like flint. There was a scourging, there was a collapse. There was ordered a cross carrier, to die was not yet.

Face still focused, there was a thorn crowning, a nailing, a suffocating, a pain excruciating, sword piercing, blood shedding, a Spirit committing, a work finishing, a fatality. An earthquake with darkened sky accompanied. Surely, “this was the Son of God.”

Sin lost it’s power, did you watch it die? Watch it die. Watch The Lamb. Watch the Lamb of God as He takes away the sins of the world. Now rest in it. Rest in His love. Cease from your own works. We’re heaven-ward. See you there.  love ya

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