Out of the Depths

external constraints may be used upon man’s freedom of choice, which
makes impossible it’s being carried into effect outwardly; … only
God could exercise an inward constraint which would compel man to do
that which, in the moment of doing it, is not his own will; and God does
not use this power:      Delitzsch

Psalmist prayed: “out of the depths I cry unto thee O Lord”. To what
refer these depths? The unconscious mind perhaps fits this? In the
unconscious mind “Absolutes” die. Absolutes are certainties. So nothing
certain and everything random jellifies in the unconscious, because the
whole mess marinates in double-mindedness.

O, there are still
“absolutes” (small a). These are half-truths which deceive the mind into
thinking all is well. These little unquestionable (life according to
George) concepts, exalt some to the center of their universe in

Let’s consider this; a guy builds a real race car but
his model has no brakes. Another builds a carefully designed airplane
with wings and landing gear, but no propulsion. Who can criticize?
Nobody; but a problem exists. A few vital laws of the universe have not
been considered in these projects. Like: how do I stop, and how do I get
off the ground? What were they thinking?

Another example: a
person develops a bunch of knowledge, but you can’t take them to a party
for they are obnoxious with people. Ever meet them? A different person
plays piano as a virtuoso, but slobbers in his food. Our society views
these types’ different ways. However, these folks have oddly built a big
lopsided half-man, very strong in one area, but the down side: where’s
balanced sanity?

So, a person can discover and draw up from
their mind’s ocean-bottom, dregs of the unconscious. Next, they assign
to this residue value names, and bring them into the conscious mind.
They thus might adopt them as absolutes, (little a), and the fictitious
content, little by little, replaces real Absolutes, (big A), in their

Millions do this, and carry around two-souls —truths and
half-truths. They have an opinion on every subject. They name this
phenomena wisdom. These keep no guidelines for grasping, nor checkpoints
for protecting Big-truth. They forsook Big-certainty as a needed
premise. They mix objective truth with subjective fantasy.

life’s events crushed a person. Now, the very thought of responsibility
causes that person to withdraw. They are too challenged by the thought
of getting a job, an education, or a career etc. Maybe they live in a
society where these kinds of opportunities are scarce and they are
motivated negatively.

the other hand maybe another person doesn’t cower at the crush. Instead
he develops a new interest in becoming a humanitarian aide.He acquires a
strong drive to get trained for the job, etc. Responsible challenges
still represent something real and scary in that person’s life, but they
persist through the obstacles and often succeed. They have a cause.

us to reflect again. What we are saying is: life-crushing propels a
person toward the tree of the knowledge of good or evil in their soul’s
unconscious. It doesn’t really matter which side is chosen. A
wound-propelled person has lost his liberated will and is being
controlled by his wound. He can’t, without help, stop or quit the drive
or dive (whatever the case may be). His will is being captured, and true
freedom is being lost to the control of the unwanted beaten self.

both roads above resulted as born out of crushing; and only one option
is chosen. Now, the person, once decided, adopts and develops a
protecting formula, defending the particular way they will handle
challenges going forward. One person develops a lot of excuses, and the
other resists opportunities by staying true to their driven cause. They
establish and develop a mindset of “nothing can be trusted out there”.
Paranoia factors in.

These are forced into life learning
without Absolute guidelines. They say “I am happy where I am at, don’t
try to change me.” Their true value system’s safety alarms willfully wax
extinct. They deflect every initiation to help, and as
situations arise, they unconsciously add more cover. The dishonesty of their driving or
diving impulse is: it makes these people think that to continue in it will provide an impenetrable safety net for them! They get so good at it, they deceive themselves. They develop sophisticated pretending.They isolate themselves as a brain
tumor builds its wall. God love them, they know not what they do.
we talk to these folks, multiple evasion techniques come out. These
carefully thought out mechanisms push us healers and helpers far away
from these wounded folk’s self-promoted core issues. Sometimes the
strategy and tactic of these folk is to simply talk about secondary
issues repeatedly. They want us to small-talk with them; because they
don’t want us to get too close. Perhaps,we interact with a very skilled
defensive thinker.

What do we do with these precious ones? We
have all met them, most of us have been them. I would like to make a
suggestion, and it goes this way. Don’t strive, be gentle, know what to
say, lead them in meekness. What does this mean?

These folks
need the Word of his grace. Neither condemnation, nor mere condescension will
help. We must lead them to Christ, this being their only hope; we must
bring them into the sphere where liberty governs. That is the sphere of
the Holy Spirit and no other, it is the sphere of divine light and love.
It is the place where God, peradventure  will grant them a change of mind
to the acknowledging of the truth. It is the world in which they are
brought out of the snare of all freedom-inhibitors both from within and
without. Thank you Jesus.

It is a place where, “as He is, so are we, in this world”. It is Christ becoming our life, “for me to live is
Christ, to die is gain.” It means, to lose our life to find His, to
become dead indeed unto sin, dead to the law, crucified unto this world,
free from all men, to become a servant with Him to all. Amen

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