Logic and Two Plus Two

language has taken an oath to fail to describe Him; any attempt to do
so is the height of arrogance and will always declare some kind of war” –
Meister Eckhart

talk logics. OK. Deductions, having reasonable presuppositions,
encapsulate good logic, right? Yes. In other words, having a set of
pre-supposers (things we take for granted as true); to form a protected
disposition of mind, ranks high in our logical scheme, right? Yes; well
maybe. What am I getting at?
of man’s pre-disposed value-systems sophisticatedly only entertain
carefully selected concepts. But where cometh these concepts? Well, any
topic bringing a reaction in the emotions will soon be screened out of a
person’s consciousness. What remains, become presuppositions. Some
call this process narrow-minded thinking, but being temperamentally cool
and in a stable mood sets the goal of the soul, right? Psychological
deductions build safe pre-supposed areas, awesome if based in truth but
for most they become an excuse bin.

‘premise, presupposition, and conclusion’, encapsulates logical
thinking,(deductive reasoning). Let’s look at an example. Proposition A
is our premise (first principle): “God loves a cheerful giver”. B is
presupposition:” I do not like to part with my money”, Conclusion: “God
does not love me”. Unfortunate but very logical! So we reason.

we take this” logical “deductive conclusion and make it our ‘take it for
granted’. “God cannot hang out with a guy like me”. Then, down the
road, after getting 2 or 3 logical deductions in our protecting
formulation, we pretty much reject and exclude a lot of fresh thought
initiation. The world constantly exhibits cause and effect conclusions
as unquestionably true , and so we say “of course’ it’s only logical.
by definition means a “self-explaining or defending.” We pride
ourselves in declaring our wit and the more logical the better. The
statement “You have some common sense about you” allows a proud person
acceptance in a safe and thoughtful society. “We must be rational
people, you know, let me explain,” we say. “We must read the fine print,
folks” so speaks the wise man. “We must skeptic and verify. We must
doubt, scoff, non-conform. Be a nullifidian or minimifidian or
agnosticise and pessimise. Lets not forget the ‘what ifs’. Listen to
your friends, they have a good point. Let’s see what Heloise has to say.
Let’s think about it, and for the religious, let’s pray about
it.”Anything but believe it!
that we esse unconsciously drives us, retarding outside initiations,
truth or not; brings them to terms, buys more time, regulates the
process, so we can get our arms around them; digest, take a good look
at. “What are the stipulations? Define for me the parameters, please.
What is required? What does it cost? Do I even qualify? “
limited the Holy One of Israel and all of humankind can do the same
dang thing. Oswald Chambers in ‘Biblical Psychology’ calls this power
the most dangerous of all man’s powers. This power realized, enables me
to say ‘no’ to the devil but also to say ‘no’ to God! This power exalts
my little throne above all other thrones and boy am I responsible.

In a
nutshell, what we have talked about are the
carefully-fabricated-with-great-patience thingamajigs we call ‘excuses’:
O the dirty word! Maybe ‘loophole’ is less offensive or evasion or
subterfuge or weasel-out or talk-our-way-out of it. Its all about the
same; bunk, baloney, bushwa, malarkey, hogwash, fiddle-faddle,
flapdoodle, bilge water, flap, clap-trap or hot air. Take your pick.
I encourage you? God submits to no man-made cause and effect, logic or
rationalization. The more we get to know Him, the more we are freed from
self made logical prisons. Thank you Lord!

day you realize you have a story to tell and just start writing.You
don’t consider yourself a writer but the motivation is there.You want
others to know what you went through, mainly so they could realize the
extent.You feel it could help others to understand what their beloveds
are experiencing.

half cannot be told of our experiences in this life. Deeper than can be
expressed in words, perhaps they are only felt.These times are times
of great suffering but can also be our time of love. As written in
Ezekiel 16, God’s love is shown there speaking words of life, covering
our nakedness, anointing and washing us, with soothing comfort and
restoration His goal. My heartfelt prayer is for you to also find His
awesome personal love in your own special ‘appointment with God’ in
time. PTSl

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