Job, Wisdom from the Pit

Can this person be Job?

Discover this and more from my just-released book, “Job, Wisdom from the Pit.” The work is an effort to try to make “Job” readable– palatable might be a better word for the majority of us non-scholars. Many times I have advised friends to read “Job” knowing full well they wouldn’t, couldn’t,  or having read it, still gain little understanding, and more importantly, minimal help.

My version tells “Job” from my heart-strings of personal pain and loss, I identify with Job’s struggle; however, Job’s trial pushes all trials “over the top.”


I see the Job story like this: God meets Satan walking, and with bragging voice-tone, recommends Job — a consideration for the Evil One. Satan wants an involvement, and God says, “go!”

Satan orchestrates disaster and Job keels over, body and soul. After a few remarkable verbal positives, Job faces bitter music; 3 friends come a “comforting.”

His suffering-threshold meter measures “less than perfect”. Nevertheless, he persists at one thematic focus:

“God please stretch your hand to me and straighten out my record!”

In the whole, God does not operate randomly, nor does He trifle with men. Not one segment escapes God’s “test tube” watching.

God wisely uses Satan’s best efforts and funnels every tad toward Job’s promoting betterment.

Job, sufferer’s hero, turns out a Christ-type, determinately enduring, and never forsaking thirst for the Father’s intervention.

With 145 pages and over 60 quotes or references, the book includes comments on every chapter including my “two cents” which I gleaned from a years’ worth of meditating and study. Included is a short peek at Job’s time in history, several extractions of wisdom from the over-all contemplation, and summarizing deductions — with some surprises.

The book is available at click on the link. love ya

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