In Between

People, martyrs, discernment, peril, fierce, bold, leader, govern. Let’s do this thing; I say “people,” you say — whatever comes to mind. Here goes. People?-personalities, Martyr?-hero. Discernment?-666, Peril?-run, Fierce?-lion, Bold?-politician, Leader?-statesman, Govern?-rule. That was my turn, now is yours — Potato, melon, kale, overt, dog, cat, loss, karat, shell, dorm, banana, potassium. Go ahead friend. Enjoy free-association.

Words are connected how? – Broadly, narrowly, more narrowly? — Rhyme, meanings, similarities, opposites, impressions, or likenesses? For instance, “broad groups” as in type of food, area grown, chemical makeup, tree or vine, habits etc. Narrow takes a broad answer and tapers it more: area grown? tropical, moist, dry, hilly, flatland, fertile soil, barren waste, swamps and etc. “Narrower” goes with another constricting sub-category: fertile soil? chemical, dung, compost, naturally, crop rotated, “Miracle Grow.”

Why we doin this? For fun? Yes, have you ever taken a large jar of mixed fasteners, screws, nails, and such and sorted them into small jars? It’s enjoyable. Oh, you didn’t have a lot of fun sorting? No, because it took time away from your big important productive life? (Joking). No, because we unfortunately do not know yet how things of life are supposed to work?

Hey, easy dude, I “resemble” dose remarks. (Joke). I have a question for you: what do you do with your in-between time? Well, you say “I would rather do something advantageous in these times.” Problem; the constructive stuff is really done in-between those in-between times. Our “tween” is really our true “now” — a time to set up shop for the coming “construction.”

Farmers spend a lot of time setting-up soil, by plowing, fertilizing, aerating, watering, sowing, etc. Without this set-up work, production is limited and rarely efficient. Friends, did you know that prep-work advances production way more than product-making itself. Producing is the fun part, priming is the harder; takes faith.

Life goes the way of the field, the way of the builder. There must be a view toward forward-reaping and the true “visionary” begins sowing today. “Cast your bread on the water, for thou shalt find it after many days.” This is a spiritual promise from Ecclesiastes 11:1. Do you think God would like us to operate in His promise? We should be excited to.

Folks, these promises are the keys to every dry time, every slow moving time, every non-productive time. Sow, sow, and sow. These sandwiched-in times are for sowing, getting ready, organizing, training, praying, grooming etc. We have a guarantee of a harvest, a return, a finding again. Could be my life is non-productive today due to a previous lack of digging the dirt, planting a seed, nurturing a son or daughter, planning for that future day.

So, sow sparingly or bountifully and get the same back. Give and it shall be given thee! Fellows, sow to yourself in righteousness, reap in mercy. Break up the fallow ground, rain is on the way! Sow to your spirit, sow healthy things, sow life; you will reap. Sow the Word of God, sow to the Spirit, reap eternal life. Produce an effective life, sow love to others, reap the return.

In closing, this concept is what I did not have as a youngster. Down times were depressing times because I had no understanding of investing future-ward. Most think they have nothing to sow, they try to “reap” first, but without outward means we still have plenty to sow; to our soul mainly. 

The garden of our own heart is in need of nurturing and maintaining! Shift your focus. “Well, I have to work, so I don’t have time to invest,” you say. Do both, set the table for yourself, so you will eventually find it in the midst of your enemies. We abide present tense in the mundane time through communing with our Visionary, Christ. We reap future-ward.

Lastly, believers, if I sow sacrificially, I begin to have a laid-down life. Then, I reap another’s laid down life in return. I get Christ, His character and nature. Now it is real to me, in me, as me, and displayed in narrow and narrower categories. I learn prayer-sowing. I fellowship with love, eternal life, His Spirit, joy, and longsuffering. etc. Grace allows us to reap where others have sown sometimes also. Thank you Lord! A life reaping blessings will bless others. Love ya

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