When someone pressures another to something, they presuppose that the “another” will forego their free will on this one. The resoluteness of the “someone” in fact limits the ability of the other to freely decide. Why? The faculty of will requires freedom to operate. Two things that destroy true liberty of choice are fear and excess. Fear divides the mind, and excess overloads it.

Bible liberty is in Holy Spirit presence. That presence takes us out of double-mindedness originated at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Divine life in the Spirit is the domain of a higher principle. This life has no beginning or ending. It can never die, and faith is the system of perception that sustains all of the above. Fear and faith cannot co-exist, so if someone manipulates us by fear, no faith remains to perceive the Spirit led choice.

Example? Often things get reduced to “what I want to do” versus “what I should do.” Well that’s easy, always do the things we should; good moral thinking, supposedly. Jacob did the things directed by his mom for 21 some odd years. These things included stealing the brother’s birth-rite, then hiding from bro at uncle’s. During this time he even did some of his own stuff like work for his desired wife for 14 years.

Finally, after a lot of mishmash from Unc Laban, Jacob had enough of doing what he should. He wanted his freedom. Fear of Brother Esau, the death-threatener, compounded itself with fear of leaving the safety of the ranch. Given to the excess of wives, children and wealth, Jacob talked himself into staying longer than he wished. When Jacob’s wages were manipulated by Laban, Jake realized he was being used. He was nothing more than a strong young burden-bearer, perfect for building another man’s kingdom.

Jacob left the farm, but not without a fight. His hatred for being a pawn for Laban coupled with his strong desire for freedom pushed him to face the inevitable confrontation from Esau. This encounter was interrupted when he wrestled with the angel of the Lord. What was happening? Jacob was insisting on a blessing. Bondage release from doing “what he should,” was his focus. But, where to find? Only, only place – in the favor of Yahweh, in the rescue of the Savior.

Jacob was rewarded for his determination and entered the sphere of a new name, Israel, as he forsook his old nature for the new. He gained a disposition of liberty, planned a brilliant strategy for Esau, and escaped two fears of uncle and brother. Jacob led his family to the freedom and safety of God’s providing. Nevertheless, inside the family were bigger problems.

The following years became the dismantling of Jacob’s earthly kingdom, loss of his favorite wife, Rachel, then son Joseph, and then falling into poverty with the predicted famine. Right along side was the beautiful portrayal of the providence of God, as He intervened time and time again for Jacob/Israel. God finally brought the repentant family to the shelter of “resurrected” Joseph in the land of Goshen.

Here’s the summary: doing merely what we should do works for children and governments but not for saints. It is good for a business but not for God’s work. The high echelon of Holy Spirit filled living puts us in a place of spiritual integrity. We exist by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. We operate in a unified soul, as wavering receives nothing from God. Our decisions keep us in the peace of our reconciled relationship with all of heaven. They produce inward peace by it. They do better than all the “shoulds” without trying.

In closing, God loves volunteer-ship in His City which citizenship thereof is in heaven. We are seated above with Him, at the favored right hand of the Father. Our willful decisions are couched in the honor and love of our high position, there is authority in these choices. This authority in freedom was purchased by a death, another’s sacrifice.

Please honor the Savior and His redeemed. Please respect those who have not yet experienced their redemption. Raise up men in your heart to the place where we fear the excess of manipulating even one. Honor their will by offering them a choice to be saved and so enter permanent liberty. Liberate men and elevate them to the place of honor with you and Jesus. Love ya

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