But rather, those members of the body which are considered to be delicate are necessary. 1 Corinthians 12:22

Who might these delicate members be? First lets define the “delicate”

  1. generally pleasant, as: “the climate’s delicate, the air most sweet”— William Shakespeare
  2. pleasing to the sense of taste or smell especially in a mild or subtle ways.
  3. aromatic
  4. marked by daintiness or charm of color, lines, or proportions.
  5. marked by fineness of structure, workmanship, or textures.
  6. marked by keen sensitivity or fine discrimination as delicate insights. 
  • Fastidious, squeamish a person of delicate tastes.
  • not robust in health or constitution  a delicate child.
  • easily torn or damaged : fragile – delicate wine glasses, delicate flower. 
  • requiring careful handling.
  • easily unsettled or upset — delicate balance. 
  • requiring skill or tact — in a delicate position. 
  • involving matters of a deeply personal nature : sensitive
  • marked by great precision or sensitivity — delicate instrument

The Latin root, (delicatus), means dainty, refined. Synonyms include: Beautiful, birdlike, bonny, breakable, brittle….etc. etc.

Have we met any of these kinds of people?

Blaise Pascal, (1621-62), intended his unfinished notes and essays which make up his “Pensees” as a systematic and uncompromising defense of Christian belief. He wrote on “insensitivity,” — “…to be so insensitive as to despise the things of interest, and to become insensitive to the point that most interests us…”

He continues, “Animals do not admire each other. A horse does not admire its companion. It is not that they shall not race against each other, but this is no consequence, for, back in the stable, the one who is heavier and clumsier does not on that account give up his oats to the other — as men want others to do to them.” Pascal

Sounds like insensitivity comes with busyness, but, in our busy excuse, we use others for our own benefit.

Oswald Chambers remarked: ” …get to the point of deciding against the self-assertiveness of our own hearts, and let God teach us how to pay the price of our dreams.”

Friends, dreams carry a price; a price for your dreams, and a price to see others realize their dreams.

Pascal gives insight, “If a man studied himself, he would see how incapable he is of going further. How could a part possibly know the whole? But perhaps he will aspire to know at least the parts to which he bears some proportion. But the parts…  are so related and linked together, that I think it is impossible to know one without the other and without the whole. Price of dreams?

John Bunyan, in “Pilgrims Progress,” writes about the separation between Esau and those called little-faiths. “…when Great Grace has appeared, many fled, and no marvel, for He is the King’s Champion.” Esau forsook his birth-rite, but all of the apostles, save one, were lovingly called little-faiths by Jesus. We too can have given up our dream, our righteous path, our call. But can Great-Grace revive us or fan the flame of our heart? Some are more in the quest, but weakly proceed with little faith. Friends, both the slow and fast must be objects of our sensitivity.

Delicate folks need a little more sensitivity than others, a little more time donated, a little more explanation, they need to know they are loved. They need to know that whatever they bring to the conversation, it will be met with respect. We treat them as vital to the whole. We may have to use kids gloves, sometimes we walk on eggshells around them. We have patience for them.

Many who we see as leaders, are there because they too were once a delicate member needing special care. Now, now, we see the amazing benefit of their blossoming as they treat us with the same sensitivity as they once received.

Finally patience can be a test for us. I am learning to see that many people who I would love to ignore, need my quiet sensitivity and a chance to let God bring a comforting thought to them. I could never do this, but, it was done to me by others. Delicate are we all. Love ya!







  1. P. Norm said:

    P. Tom,
    Thank you once again for this insight that keeps me going in life.
    It’s true, people are delicate, like lilies of the field. They depend on God for everything. I must do the same.

    March 5, 2020
    • pt s said:

      P. Norm, your the best.

      March 6, 2020

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