ought not to underestimate the psychological effect of the statistical
world picture; it displaces the individual in favor of anonymous units
that power up into mass formations.  Anonymous

…..cosmic loneliness tends to lead to one of four kinds of depression depending
upon a person’s temperament. So what do these people do? They join the
herd, and they forget. They begin to take drugs, alcohol, and become
involved in immorality. When people join the herd to escape their
problems, immediately they lose their identity and any possibility for
proper potential development. Carl Stevens

talks much of man with a capital “M” but hardly anything of the
individual man. It has produced humanism out of the Enlightenment that
has ended in ugliness. Francis Schaeffer.

and lack of feeling are also defenses against anxiety. When a person
continually faces dangers he is powerless to overcome, his final line of defense is at last to avoid even feeling the dangers. Rollo May

“It is a description of the walk of the heathen world generally — a
walk moving within the limits of intellectual and moral
“resultlessness,” given over to things devoid of worth or reality.” 

“But you have not so learned Christ.” Thankfully, Paul charges us to put off that old man. What old man? Is it the one who fits into a scheme, a mold, a pattern, a formula? Boldly, yes, and much more. Be it a trend setter, a fashion follower, a typical woman, typical man, middle-class human being, victim, a carefully diagnosed cross section of society?
else? A person with a sin nature, a person whose sins have not been
washed, one who is dead in trespasses and sins, is this he? Is it a man
who was programed to carry the history of the fallen human race in his
unconscious mind? Is it a man formed of the dust, that clings to that
very dust no matter how hard he tries to shake it? Yes, put it all off.
And be renewed in the spirit of your mind. How can?  Discarded old opens way to new. See, in the new, no generality can continue to live, neither a statistical analysis of my identity nor of the way a soul “ought” to be. There exists no more typical, no normal, no patterned, and no old. In the new me, every moment has never been, nor ever will be again. True death
has happened to the old and all things are brand-new, unique, fresh,
pristine, succulent, inviting, and beautiful! The precious Spirit makes it so.
renewed world is not common, usual, routine, scheduled, nor
predictable. It does not hold us prisoner, but instead we can move, be
flexible, turn, and change. We are not in a rut, or caught in a web. We
have essentially died to all that, been buried from its sight, risen the
new, ascended above, and all that because of Christ. He has made us sit
with him in heavenly places, far above all principalities and powers,
and names named. Friends, we now put on the new man identity — the one renewed in knowledge after the image of Him who created him.

what messes it up for us? Vanity in the sense of “intellectual and
moral “resultlessness” given over to things devoid of worth or reality.”
This is a challenge— a dilemma of mundane events, superficial
responses. and mediocre results. An evaluation of small worth and a
feeling of insignificance resulting and then what?

righteous man falls seven times in a day, but gets back up; however the
wicked stagger into mischief. Though we are not positionally wicked, we
may be tempted to practical agnosticism. This guy says ” we cannot tell,
or we do not know.”He is not an unbeliever, but questions any’s ability to make God real in their experience.

you ever felt like you just can’t figure out God and His mode of life?
Have you ever felt like giving up? Alienation from the life of God and
then “Past feeling” or apathy, and then a giving in to temptation? These
may be someones way of handling anxiety.

But, there
is a fountain, there is a stream, whose rivers make glad the city of
God. There is a hope that goes beyond the grave and life that resurrects
from death. There is Christ, a life giver, a re-newer of the spirit of
your mind. There is a revealer of the new and extinguisher of the old,
there is one who opens the eyes of the blind and restores hope.

He is my Advocate, and the thought of Him being  disinterested rings a lie. The thought of my valuelessness is a lie, and the worthless feeling is a trick to get you to try the cosmic solution, cosmic massage, cosmic pleasure —be part of the group. 

The feeling of alienation from His life is the next lie and when I sin, the feeling of unforgiven follows, a
lie. Don’t buy the crap, friends, lift up your head and say ” I know
that my redeemer lives” He promised to never leave me nor forsake me and
nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

In closing, the days that drag, the secular press, the haunting fear, the lonely draw, represent a cosmic consciousness. But it shall not come neigh me. Indeed, a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, but it shall not touch me, because only with my eyes shall I see the prosperity of the wicked. Soon to be exposed! Amen!

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