Cliche or Truth?

For this reason, before the first Passover, God told Moses, “When I see the blood I will pass over you” (Exodus 12:13). The children of Israel were told to apply the blood of the passover lamb to top of the door and on the two
doorposts—a picture of the mind, emotions and will being cleansed.
Now, that subjective part has a new opportunity because God doesn’t remember sins. More than that, God’s mercy takes care of the
effects of what other people have done. He removes the effects of all sin. His vicarious death, burial, and resurrection, with the Holy Spirit’s
power of cleansing, all work together to purge me and take away the sin, plunging it forever into the sea of God’s forgetfulness.         Dr Carl Stevens

Ever notice how we have the ability to make words mean something shallow, deep, hollow, trite or weighty etc.? We can use our rational skills to keep certain words on the periphery till we are ready to try to digest them; indeed we often set our table, toward our favored way. At times we just can’t bear to hear a certain thing, know what I mean? We intend to think about it more thoroughly later, but not now. 

Oswald Chambers in “Biblical Psychology” has seen the propensities of the soul in unique ways. “Expansion and contraction” are two of these capabilities. “Expansion” causes a soul to strive away from itself, “contraction” is simply “contraction into itself.” He adds a third way: “rotation;” “the power of a soul expressing itself through the restlessness of becoming.” Figure that one out.

Chambers breaks it down further for our understanding. A person who “self comprehends” in contraction has feelings of isolation, while a person who “stretches beyond self” views others as different or in opposition to himself. The next power, “self-living,” enables a person to withstand initiations from outside, whether good or evil. In contrast, a self can be “spirit-penetrated,” next, “stirred sensually or spiritually,” then, “speak the spirit’s thoughts,” or lastly, possess all of the above.

Now, a person who is living in the Spirit of God, commits to the Spirit these attributes for use in the kingdom of God. He can now oppose “sinfulness, sinful cravings, sinful passions, secularity, worldly bondages,” thoughts and customs, and in harmony resists all powers. All of this again, is spoken of more clearly by Oswald Chambers in his book, “Biblical Psychology.”

What is my point? Well, whether we agree with Chambers or not, we must realize the potential we all have for error. Frankly, we have unconscious mechanisms at work almost continually, shaping initiations from without and within. Folks, in spite of ourselves, in many things we may even “offend all.” Has it happened yet? Maybe our expression just comes out the wrong way.

This leads us to the subject of mercy and its tremendous need. Mercy rejoices against judgment. O blessed thought! Does mercy provide a license for life? No but we desperately need it as a sanity-stabilizer!

See, I don’t know about you but I could live in continual wonderment about my last conversation, activity, or exchange. Did I say the right thing; did I come across in the right way? Did I offend anybody; did I emphasize the point I was trying to make? Did they understand me; am I in trouble, do I owe anybody an apology?

O, mercy releases me from my plaguing introspection, my guilty conscience. Mercy with truth purges my bad attitude, my dead pre-salvation soul mechanisms, to serve the living God. My inclination to defend, cover or protect finds a place of freedom, in the sole protection of blood on a mercy seat. That blood being the blood of Our Savior and Christ.

Did you know that mercy takes care of the effects of our sins also? Yes this means when we really do the dastardly. Where is that in the Bible? Well did you notice that Abraham’s backslide to Egypt for safety in the famine did not hinder the plan of God for his life? Neither did his lying and deceitful plan. He was never even corrected or rebuked by God.

Did you notice that David’s sin with Bathsheba did not result in losing his kingship? Joseph, being sold into slavery by the misdeeds of the sons of Jacob did not hinder God’s plan to provide and make of them a great nation.

Friends we are dealing with a merciful God. There is a seed planted that grows and we know not how. This is Mark 4:26-34. There is an active watching Father close at all times. People enter into subjective manipulation, fretting, worrying, why? —“because there is nobody there upon whom he can cast his cares.” “because he no longer sees the eyes that watch over him.” “he can no longer let himself go because the world has become a wierd place” to quote a scholar.

Lastly, do you feel like you have to be everywhere present? Do you look over your shoulder a lot? Are people against you? My brother or sister, God is vigilantly overseeing your affairs. He has thought out the plan already, he answers before we pray, and He will not be deterred. He is performing the thing concerning you and me, and you are not alone.

Yes be diligent, yes be accurate, yes be watchful, and yes be praying. But know this, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Love ya

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