Back Door Wisdom

“Knowledge is flour, but wisdom is bread.” Austin O’Malley. “Like water in the desert is wisdom to the soul. Wisdom is a treasure, the key whereof is never lost.” Edward Counsel. “Necessity teaches wisdom, while prosperity makes fools.” Wellins Calcott.

“Ever learning, yet never coming to the knowledge of the truth”; “knowledge puffs up but love builds up.” Knowledge is a subtle friend and foe; as a means to an end, friend — as an end in itself, foe. Knowledge is money for the purchase of wisdom; the principle thing.

Wisdom builds a house, wins souls. It is collecting, earning, gaining, and securing. It gathers by attraction; it draws, inspires, encourages, and breathes life into others. It is efficacious; more than alive, it is life giving. Now, which do we want?

Wisdom delights in the sons of men, Proverbs 8. It rejoices where people live, it accompanies God Himself as He searches hearts and tries reins. He is looking for a heart perfect toward Him, to show Himself strong on behalf of that one. His discernment increases His love ability, never violating one’s will, He nurtures the seeking hearts.

He meets a woman at a well, gains her trust, offers her eternal drink; She perceives His Prophet status, He has so much more. To live forever, to live forever; what about my sin? – Ignored; He speaks of morality as consummated in love, sin acknowledged, (she admitted it), is a non-inhibitor. He has authority to transfer a soul across the ethical plain, outshining territory. It casts a shadow over the old — transcends it.

Dwells, yes, wisdom does, with strategies of all kinds; finds the bottom line of things. Advise is His and substantial support, knowledge of plans and force of action. The affectionate get an inheritance of Him; a true identity and filled up coffers – the empty goes away.

By very substance of purity, wisdom makes clean. Superimposing its resemblance, wisdom loves the joining-out-of-empathy. Well persuaded, wisdom soothes the inquirer. Fruitful, it is replete with compassion and pardon. Undisguised, Wisdom is undivisable.

Wisdom is crying without, “How long, how long? – ye simple will you love simplicity, and fools, their folly? He knows the fate of foolish, non-thinkers and willful ignorant. He shouts to them. He sincerely, passionately, diligently yells to them, “Turn at my reproof, I will pour out my Spirit.”

Finally, “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” Doug Larson. Friends be encouraged, your quiet life may be pregnant with wisdom which is soon to be harvested of God. You didn’t take the shortcut around knowledge gathering, or maybe you did. Regardless, in itself, the lesson of fruitless knowledge-distribution has proved a “backdoor” springboard of wisdom for you. You’re done with it. Sickened.

This begins it for you. Dead are the self-exhaltings, dead the status need. Dead the trying hard, and that picture perfect life is now shattered. Left, only you, but you and Christ, or, Christ in you. Whatever is there we don’t care, but He is active now, He has waited a long time. 

Cankerworms ate away; doing God’s bidding. The lessons of ineffectiveness, frustration, trial and error, mostly error, flattened our fight. Sucked us dry. Beyond frustration, we have gone to disinterest; 40 years we shepherd another man’s flock. 13 years we talk not to God.
Wisdom brings restoration, youth renewed as eagles, we rise from the dead. A bush is burning; has been for a while, but now we see it. Our time is the time of love. In our dead state, wisdom cries, “live.” O thank you Blessed Savior, you have set us free. love ya

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