“…and that they were afraid was the essential consequence of the fact that they retrograded from Gods love and had therefore incurred Gods wrath.” Franz Delitzsch

Conscience “a knowing together with God” awakens the terriblest.

  1. Every gritty body nerve, and every psychic sinew, in denial, dreads the dawning of conscience.
  2. It arrives as a wake up call on the level of a freight-train.
  3. It whisks us away into a clawing-out mode of life.
  4. Flat-out life-loathing attends it.
  5. We’re hijacked into bustle’s whims, all of which we vowed, would get consideration when hell freezes over.


But no; we’re head-over-heels right now, hot-footed feet blazing.



“My life slipped way out of sync, my true-blue supporters turned out miserable liars.”  “Woe is me, I am undone, a man of unclean lips.”  “Thou Art the Man.” cried Nathan”



  1. confronts the willful infant coddle and screams “get the ‘h’ off your duff and be a man.”
  2. calls Job out on the carpet of accountability and demonstrates the right command chain.
  3. corrects the deception surrounding precious rights. We now realize, only God’s winking at them gave them life. O rudest of awakenings!



A more stinging hornet than life’s tragic events displays another provoker;  We have moved outside of the false confidence of God-favor and taken up residence in God’s dog house. We wonder if we have been turned over to a reprobate mind or have any returning chance. We don’t want to talk now. We fear God’s approach. All things appear naked and open to the penetrating eye of God.  A bucket of cold water slams the sound asleep body. A blinding light slaps the pupils.

Adam and Eve’s God-facing after their disobedience becomes conscience’s historical beginning. I’m sure the voice of conscience is new and so the feelings. The ‘woe is me’ of it all, however, opens a bent toward self-justification as well as a hiding maneuver. The now dual-natured soul finds its division in these. Early mankind awakens to a daily and often moment by moment choosing, and self-governing. Adam and Eve are removed from the simple prohibition which was essentially a remote tree-avoiding command. To their chagrin, the first parents are made aware of their failure and punished for it. Words and actions follow their self-hiding from God and then being found. A covering of skins by God followed, yes, but an expulsion from their garden home, and some specific curses were levied.Think about this healing step, (conscience awakening), and its meaning for people today. Not the gentleness yet, but the capacity builder. Baby must un-baby, and it looks like a baby step. Apparently the patience of God necessitates this step; the un-shocking of the shocked, the un-fantasizing of the fantasized, the dirtying of the deceived innocent. This first step yanks a humanly psychotic individual into an acceptable mental state called human sanity. This person remains far from healed, of course, but moving in the right direction.In reiteration, the awakened one ‘ain’t’ saved yet, nor healed, but he has come back to us clinically normal and sent on his fearful way. Still sick as a dog, he has a three-cylinder operation. He emerged from extinction to a recreated reflex of life. Returning to Earth from Mars, some of his brain waves ignite a little. His former connections start sparking, though he still wears that dumb look on his face.  When a person with a certain form of paralysis slowly recovers, the sensitivity to pain awakens. Nerves begin to do their job again. In essence the connections of previously formed neural pathways have started regrouping and re-attaching themselves. It hurts to even read about it and I apologize, but there is some pain in this step! The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. This fear re-ignites, but be careful to lubricate thoroughly the corroded components as they maybe sat months on a shelf. Some parts require complete replacing, but finally a person possesses a motivator bigger than their passive lust drives. Finally I’m squaring up with ‘real’ again and boy is it painful!Thankfully, this broken individual, may have just gotten a capacity for God’s love. The prodigal’s dad was waiting, now running to his busted up son. His love had never stopped, his patience had never waned. His prayers had done their job, and now junior is coming home. Thank you Jesus


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