The Great Debate

Before the great Civil War of America, slavery debates fomented and raged — In Virginia, debated, in Massachusetts, debated, in D.C. debated, in Louisiana, debated. In Santo Domingo, insurrection, in South Carolina trouble, in Virginia revolt.

Publications, gag-orders, rationalizations, justifications, fear and greed topped the editorial pages. Seems to me that slavery, once adopted, created it’s own world and that, it’s own challenges, and that, it’s own addiction, and that, it’s needed detox, but that, it’s own frustration for any desiring rehabilitation.

Though deliberated, opinions expressed, arguments made, the end of slavery required a war, of flesh and blood. Peaceable settlement ran faster than could be caught, positive advances were met with equalizing drag-backs, negative de-advance required a hero’s laid down life to reverse. Progress impossible, agitation grew like a festering boil, which finally erupted.

We had a combat between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lie, Satan and The Kingdom of God. Today we are back at it because there is no, no never, discharge in that war. Beloved we are not called to complacency today but to stand up and fight.

But, we have an added dimension; a deception so deep, it makes us confused as to where to stake our claims. Never before did we have a media of propagandizers, never before was evil called good, and good evil, to this degree. Never before have we seen power mongers fight so shamelessly, to win at all costs, whether it means cheating, lying, stealing or, you fill in the blank. Never before has hell pulled out the stops as today.

Slander, character defamation, have replaced platform; destructive ideologies are masked as promises. Never before has the American public been so abused, used, and treated as mere pawns for advancement. Spin, spin, spin you lyers and hell-followers; do you think you can fool God Almighty?

I must regroup. On his deathbed George Washington asked for the abolition of slavery. William Lloyd Garrison published against it; Nat Turner led an uprising with killing. I do not condone evil for evil. Then what? — Prayer, prayer, prayer and that in urgency. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. I never want to forget it. Without ceasing, believers, we must pray for God’s will and way. And then we must exercise citizen’s duty. Speak out, proclaim truth, discern, vote.

Lastly, a woman was raped, her freedom stolen. An innocent man was incarcerated, bondage again. An intelligence leader winked at deceit and graft. A nation, depending on protecting institutions was sold to slavery. A journalist dis-reported the news, swung it to favor a certain ideology. The populace was left unprotected. A gang member killed an innocent elderly. No one was willing to report the crime. A city feared. A city trembled. A city was set up to be manipulated by pimps and slave traders.

Evil goes beyond bad behavior. Evil intends on placing human beings in a state of domination and control. Evil people justify their diabolical plans in the name of the “good of the whole.” But evil goes deeper, a kingdom of spirits. These have no need for justification. They just want to lie, kill and destroy. Goal for them? Hell for you. Blind your eyes!

In closing, human freedom was the issue of men of America’s birth and growth. Human freedom again stakes a claim in our hearts. This is the God-issue, and He the liberator. His, to set the prisoners free, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to bind up the broken hearted.

In Christ, this reality finds its fruition. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing can steal away a purchased human soul. We were bought with a price friends. The total of a blood drenched death sufficed for the transaction. We are not our own, and now in the hands of the unpluckable, Our Father. Thank you Lord. Save our nation, O God.  love ya


  1. Wonderfully written for such a time as this.

    November 3, 2016
  2. pt s said:

    Much thanks, I thrive on encouragement

    November 6, 2016

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